The Matrix

The Matrix

Set in the 22nd century, The Matrix tells the story of a computer hacker who joins a group of underground insurgents fighting the vast and powerful computers who now rule the earth.

The Matrix is a movie experience like no other, and experience is what it's all about. In 1999, Anderson manning a computer and doing a little hacking on the side. It's through this latter activity that Thomas makes the acquaintance of Morpheus, who has some interesting news for Mr. Anderson, none of what's going on around him is real. Keanu Reeves stars in an explosive sci-fi adventure about a man who comes to believe that his everyday world is the product of a computer-driven digital matrix that feeds on humans. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Matrix torrent reviews

Atreides S (ag) wrote: Nice love history, low budget, but well performed.

Jessica H (it) wrote: silly film, with wanna be rocker, nothing new.

Sam R (gb) wrote: Smith's most commercial in the Askewniverse, this is truly a road trip/buddy/stoner/dicknfart/Hollywood satire comedy as only Kevin Smith could write.

Kate A (jp) wrote: Love this movie so much, very strong performances from Julie Roberts and Susan Sarandon. I dance when the characters are dancing and cry when the inevitable occurs.

Rachel B (us) wrote: One of my all-time favorites!

Tom G (us) wrote: Gong Li is probably the best thing about the film.

Sean C (it) wrote: I really like Anthony Perkins. I think he was really underrated as an actor. He's really good here. I like how the movie goes along with the premise that Perkins is the psycho, as most people would think due to his being pigeonholed after his Norman Bates role.

Nate T (es) wrote: Well-cast nonsense one of many teamings of Burns and Allen and Hope and Raye.

John B (nl) wrote: thought this was a charming movie

George B (kr) wrote: One of my favorite Disney movies ever.