The McKenzie Break

The McKenzie Break

A German U-Boat commander and 600 prisoners plan a daring escape from a PoW camp in Scotland.

During WW2, German POWs in Britain plot to escape from their prison camp in Scotland. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mel F (de) wrote: Interesting but confusingly jumps back and forth between time periods with little clear theme.

TTT C (ag) wrote: (**): Thumbs Down I liked the fight scenes but I did not like how this movie has more slo-mo replays of those fight scenes than any sports game on TV replaying the big plays (I wish I was really exaggerating!). It became tedious rather quickly and really made me not like the movie has much as I had wanted.

Victor F (kr) wrote: With real characters and real conflicts, this film was a nice trip about life and how stupid it could be.

Em W (it) wrote: I'm sooo mad about the ending! It wasn't enough closure for me

Zach Z (kr) wrote: I like the the Indy vibe, and it seems like everyone had a lot of fun working on this.

George K (ag) wrote: I really liked this movie, it was just your run of the mill Fullmoon movie. All the characters were interesting, a hilarious script. Bizarre monsters, and hey just get some popcorn and have some fun!

Kim B (es) wrote: Easy to see why this one is a cult classic, its a very nostalgic type of film. However, it kinda reminded me of a flimsier Singles movie. Basically its a 90s throwback about dating and struggling to make it in LA from a guys perspective. Its filled with light laughs, but not a whole lot of plot and way too much-"its money man" lines. Theres a relatable but down and out main character and the charismatic Trent character played by Vince Vaughn will both keep your attention, altho the other characters dont really matter. Just shows you how important friends are and that with time the worst break-up heart ache passes.

Brandon S (de) wrote: What this sci-fi horror masterpiece boils down to is quite simple: a monster movie in space. That's what you're getting at the end of the day, but you're also getting brilliant direction from the great Ridley Scott, an incredibly commanding lead performance by the wonderful Sigourney Weaver, tremendously atmospheric music by Jerry Goldsmith, and a collection of revolutionary special effects. This is a well-oiled machine of a horror film that functions highly on every conceivable level.

FilmGrinder S (ru) wrote: 76%Has a air of elegance about it, but the highlights for me, was the tripped out dream sequence and twist ending. However, likeTwilight, I'm sure this film appeals more so to the ladies and not so much the bros.