The Medusa Touch

The Medusa Touch

"I have a gift for disaster," says John Morlar (Ricard Burton). Morlar is cursed with a unique telekinesis power that only seems to cause disaster.

The horror is about novelist John Morlar who is a psychic with powerful psychokinetic abilities and disgust with the world, resulting in his causing various disasters with his supernatural power. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ian C (us) wrote: Enjoyed, but our daughter loves Chucky films and she said it seems more blood thirsty than earlier films and is looking forward to the next film.

Elena S (ca) wrote: i thought it will be a great movie but it were full of blood and too many "cutting"

Jeff B (nl) wrote: Some fine quotes sprinkled throughout, but overall nothing too noteworthy.

mr n (us) wrote: An interesting and well shot film, but with messy and odd story telling. Better movies with similar plot paths are Swimming Pool (2003), and Stay (2005)among others.

Vitor S (fr) wrote: interessante, mas foge do sensacional!

Steve H (it) wrote: Although the premise seems ripe for laughs, Albert Brooks isn't ruthless or clever enough to pull it off. It also seems half-finished.

Iowa B (gb) wrote: While it could have used a better writing and execution, Cecil B. Demented is still funny enough to make up for some of its flaws and it has the advantage of not taking itself too seriosuly, in spite some of its scenes. I thinkk the film spoofs the gratuitous "anti-holywood" attitude as well

Ricardo R (mx) wrote: I will remember this movie because it play on t.v in a important day of my life.

Brian Daniel L (ca) wrote: regular adaptation of Ito's best Horror mangas

Jason D (gb) wrote: My Best Friend is a Vampire (also known as I Was a Teenage Vampire) is the story of normal, healthy high school student Jeremy Capello (Robert Sean Leonard whose now a popular character on House M.D.) who gets bitten by a seductive vampire and turns into one himself. This is a PG film so things don't ever get too scary, especially when we come to realize that vampires are normal people trying to live their lives peacefully, but thanks to a few bad apples out there, people think of vampires as the scary monsters they've always thought them to be. As Jeremy goes through his transformation, he is guided along by a vampire mentor (Rene Auberjonois, whose fun to watch in this) as he tries to score with his high school crush, hang out with his best friend, and avoid vampire hunters David Warner and Paul Willson. For a film immersed in 80's culture, silly plot-hole filled storylines, and satirical wackiness, My Best Friend Is a Vampire still manages to be very fun and entertaining. Overall, this film wound up being quite the gem for me (as I am an avid 80's movie fan) and it deserves to be watched by anyone else who is a fan of these kinds of movies. There is even an odd amount of homosexual humor that is handled decently, as it pokes fun of it lightheartedly yet also embraces it throughout the film, which was often unheard of in the 80's. Kudos to the filmmakers for being so progressive and ahead of the times back then. Fun film!

Josh W (gb) wrote: Not nearly as good as Support Your Local Sherriff, the roles weren't even the same, but still decent.

Charles P (es) wrote: Glen or Glenda - is it a drama, a documentary, a surrealist piece, a documentary, an unintentional comedy, a horror experiment? I don't have a clue, I suspect no one involved had a clue, and I want it burned.

Phil P (ca) wrote: "Wake up!, wake uuuup!".It's good when I'm with a film from the get go, the camera work, the intentionally vague story and an odd over-tone to the entire thing. So it makes all the more alarming when it throws it all out the window at the end and we're treated with a 'boss fight' that could be taken from any number of video games. That's how I felt in the end- despite all the good cheer it got from me the end ruined it somewhat.Possibly a bit melodramatic but it really was one of the most jarring things Iv'e come across in film. For the most part I enjoyed it so I can't hold too much against it. 'Dark City' opens with a man in a bath tub, naked and startled. With no memory of who he is. It gets to the point straight away. there's a man - 'John Murdoch' (Rufus Sewell) - with amnesia he's on the run for something he doesn't remember doing and is being helped by someone he doesn't know, 'Dr.Schreber' (Kiefer Sutherland). As well as a cop he's also being changed by some beings that aren't human - floating and clicking - they're unnerving without being fearful.As the title suggest it's dark, very dark. But with a noire-esque feel to it - almost beautiful. Even more so when 'John' enters the street to see it silent, unmoving and everyone in some sort coma state. He's the only one left awake after midnight. The city itself is an endlessly fascinating place even before we learn more about it. Tall high-rise buildings and a Gotham city like aesthetic - with floating newspapers and to the point people. As for the beings or 'Strangers' their pale Nosferatu-like complexion has that quality of aliens that don't quite know what humans are look. As their intention becomes clear - there's almost some sympathy for them. Their acquaintance 'Dr.Schreber seems as out of place as they are (purposely so as his long standing detachment from the actual humans). I did find Kiefer's constant pauses and stuttering a bit of an annoyance as it didn't seems natural at all.It was mostly great up until the last 20 minutes or so when it descended into mind-numbing madness. With telekinetic powers visible through ridiculous colourless special effects. used to denote what they were actually doing instead of just lunging forward staring. Instead though it comes off as awkward and cringe-worthy as a short (as stated before) video game like 'boss-fight' ensues between 'John' and the leader of the strangers. All which is thanks to a get out of jail free card from the out of it Doctor. Once that unpleasantness is out of the way it does manage to finish somewhat nicely. Even if everything isn't what it seemed John's realisation and understanding of where he is leaves us on sweet and a little sombre note.I hesitate to call 'Dark City' disappointing because for 90 percent of the ride I loved it. But it's quick fix ending and resulting fight brought me down a bit. it was almost what those cult fans of the film said it is. The dismal looking city and it's empty hollow presence - with this one aware man present could be considered beautiful and it's antagonist aren't the be all and end all of evil they're not without - I guess you could say human side. it's visuals, story and world are well crafted and darkly surreal and quite different to anything iv'e seen.

Louis M (mx) wrote: People said that the 2014 film didn't have enough Godzilla. This one however was lacking one completely.

Jason S (gb) wrote: Not for everyone but I love this film. It keeps changing itself up through out the film which can be quite jarring but it's Horror and humor makes it a blast.

Christopher P (us) wrote: A potentially deep historical drama settles for being a generic action film amongst some historic happenings. Seems wrong that a bunch of Germans would speaking English the whole time. Very Hollywood. I understand it would hard to get people to read subtitles but, fuck, people should eat their veggies goddammit.