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The Mentalist


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T Nick K (jp) wrote: A mindless Christian masturbatory movie. The main actress is attractive, the only good thing about this piece of garbage.

Jamie C (au) wrote: There's been a few films like this before, Usually set in America and always ends up being just another action movie, This is set in London and is very believable, Michael Cane was brilliant and carries the film, It has some quite gruesome scenes and the film fires on all cylinders from the acting, The whole tone of the movie is done well, It's even emotional at times, It can be hard to imagine anyone Michael Canes age doing something like this but it works well and is different to other films like it, A very unappreciated film that maybe not for everyone but is very gripping from start to finish.

Radek C (kr) wrote: A ja myslalem, ze Lejdis bylo beznadziejne! Najgorsze (oprocz aktorstwa, bo chyba wiekszosc aktorow mlodego pokolenia zawsze wyglasza swoje kwestie zamiast je odgrywac, nie ma tam ani krztyny naturalnosci - ida cienkie lata polskiej kinematografii) byl chyba scenariusz, ktory mial byc mocna strona fillmu! "wyjade ci z czachy" kto tak mowi???? albo ten fragment z Wojewodzkim bleee. Nie chce nawet wiedziec jak ten syf sie skonczyl

Ashley L (ag) wrote: Concept was cute, but I was expecting it to be a lot better. I mean, how stupid can one guy get?! Practically stalking his ex girlfriend for 8 years after she's gotten married and had 3 kids!!! Not the sharpest tool in the shed...

Sarvesh C (jp) wrote: This movie is jus so awesome....its my alltime favorite.....Ajay was superb!!

Christopher L (br) wrote: One of the worst comedies ever made.

Misha P (ru) wrote: This movie made me smoke Lucky Strike's for a while...

Jack S (ca) wrote: A truly excellent historical drama, about competing forces during the French Revolution. Remarkable acting, especially by Depardieu as Danton, and Poszniak as Robespierre. Very talky, and very powerful.

Peter P (ca) wrote: Ok kinda action spy movie about satellites falling to earth and people desperate to get to it, in the arctic. So subs, spies and lots and lots of fake looking ice and snow, the main problem is that this moves incredibly slow and then seems to wrap up really fast in the last 20 minutes.