The Merry Widow

The Merry Widow

A prince from a small kingdom courts a wealthy widow to keep her money in the country.

The small kingdom of Marshovia has a little problem. The main tax-payer, the wealthy widow Sonia (who pays 52 0f the taxes) has left for Paris So Count Danilo is sent to Paris, to stop her ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ramses C (es) wrote: Los dialogos estan bien realistas y las actuaciones tambien, lo que le pasa es que los amantes del cine que David Mamet se la van a encontrar violenta y los amantes de Van Damme se la van a encontrar aburrida, yo la considero aceptable.

Jey A (jp) wrote: "David (Troy Ruptash), a successful painter, has lost his inspiration"Aww, what's his name? XD(the inspiration, not the painter)

Matthew L (gb) wrote: Its hard to believe that ILM were in charge of the CGI/SFX on this feature given that by 1997 they had been involved in T2 and Jurassic Park. The film is a visual nightmare with effects straight out of a G1 console, the plot is paper thin even as origin stories go. The direction and choreography are disastrous and is yet the highlight of former FX man Dipp career. Other than Black Dynamite, its no wonder Michael Jai White's career never took off as it should.

jesse p (ag) wrote: I like Umberto Lenzis movies my favourite is Man from deep river and cannibal ferox but he also directed horrors like these. Very fun movie to watch and see the zombies take over a massive Europe city as people fight to stay alive and how they flee in nowhere. I guess anybody that likes zombie movies or horrors should see this interesting film to view. TV news reporter Dean Miller waits at an unnamed European airport for the arrival of a scientist that he is about to interview regarding a recent nuclear accident. An unmarked military plane makes an emergency landing. The plane doors open and dozens of zombies burst out and begin stabbing and shooting the military personnel waiting outside. Miller tries to let the people know of this event, but General Murchison of Civil Defense will not allow it. Miller tries to find his wife and escape from the bloodthirsty zombies that are overrunning the city. Well the story is interesting to watch though it can boring sometimes and the length can be a problem. The acting is okay in my opinion but the dubbing was bad but we see this in most Italian films. The special effects are really gross and cool one of his trademarks are loads of blood and gore. And we see lots of that like heads, neck bitings, a woman's eye and breast being stabbed with a spike, an arm removal, the elevator attack, shots of bloody wounds, and a woman's breast being sliced off with a knife. But the editing and lighting is really bad, but good to watch for trash lovers. Here are some facts I found. According to director Umberto Lenzi, both Franco Nero and Fabio Testi were considered for the lead in the film, but the producer insisted on a Mexican leading man to appeal to Mexican audiences. Hence, the role went to Hugo Stiglitz. The Italian dvd (raro video), is the uncut version, and runs 88 minutes. The 1999 German Laser Pacific Red Edition DVD release, Grossgrangriff Der Zombies, uses a Japanese print of the movie. Japanese text appears sometimes at the bottom of the screen when a major character is introduced. A fairly common inclusion for their imported movies, this text usually provides the name of and sometimes a brief description of the character. Overall if you like zombie movies or horrors you should see this. My final verdict is recommended.

Tico P (au) wrote: The title of this one makes no plot mystery. Hitler: The Last Ten Days was made 3 decades before "Der Untergang". Our maniacal evil Fuhrer is played skillfully by the late Englishman Alec Guinness. The Fuhrer is portrayed as an emotional, yet vulnerable human being, as reminiscent in "Der Untergang". As nobody really knows what went down in the bunker, the film is based on testimonies from the "so called witnesses" that survived the aftermath. A nice little production that I'll have to hunt down on disc in the near future. Some memorable scenes will stick to mind, and the eerie atmosphere does not fail to disappoint. As Hitler is aware the end for his reign of terror is neigh, he hands out self portraits to his trusty followers claiming: "I want to be remembered as the good looking man I am, not like Jesus Christ with a ridiculous beard and filthy long hair!". An above average production that also utilises archive footage and most of the the films duration in the bunker. The director was Ennio De Concini that mainly wrote screenplays in the 60's throughout the 80's. This was his directorial debut to the big screen. And now for a little trivia: An old friend and WW2 buff, went to Berlin to see the remaining historical sights. The bunker has been flooded with cement, and a playground has now been built on the surface. Come out and play children.

Grant J (us) wrote: Excellent movie, check it out

Hrant B (jp) wrote: Good movie about terrorism in UK, it felt like watching 24 the TV series with Sean Bean. Much like the show it resembles the terrorism acts and betrayal of government officials. Overall it was a good movie.

AW C (gb) wrote: Brilliantly silly and stupid, it plays intentionally on cliches galore and over the top everything. Even when its slower, its fascinatingly fun.

Christofer G (kr) wrote: A John Wayne classic that just slightly manages to get outclassed by it's remake. Still a great western film.