The Method

The Method

In Madrid seven candidates report for a job interview that uses "the Grönholm method" of selection, as protestors rise up in public protest in the street over the IMF-World Bank Summit attempting globalisation of workers' unions.

During IMF & World Bank Summit and demonstrations which upset Madrid, like other capitals, major corporation Dekia holds interviews to recruit a top executive from seven applicants. Their ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ramon A (br) wrote: This movie makes you think if there is still hope for our country - Philippines

Bernie F (gb) wrote: :) enjoyed this movie,

George D (de) wrote: Professor em Apuros.

sam b (ru) wrote: They killed each other good

Venncio F (es) wrote: ''You call me beautiful at home, then you are ashamed to be seen with me in public. You are ashamed of beauty you recognize that no one else does. You are ashamed to love me!''

Brandon P (ru) wrote: I'd rather be fisted by Andre the Giant while he's wearing a barbed wire gauntlet then watch this piece of crap again. I'd rather let a wolverine, or even the Wolverine, use my cock as a scratching post than see this turd fest again. This may be worse than House of the Dead, literally my new most hated movie. Inspector Gadget deserved better than this steaming pile of skunk diarrhea of a movie!

Saransh B (ag) wrote: a movie bout a boy who lost her mother and father and is just alone n gloomy !!everyone seems to take his advantage. This man kikujiro is a dumb foulmouth guy who accompanies the boy.Turned out dat i alredy watched this movie very loong bak on TV......didnt remember nything though !!very childish movie......its like dose feel good movies wid extra bit of good dis case its waay too much good watching sm cartoon for kids !!good bt avoidable !!

Dogwood D (au) wrote: Interesting account of the relationship between Queen Victoria & her Scottish ghillie, John Brown. Excellent performances by Dench, Connolly & Sher. Lovely Highland scenery. Not as emotionally engaging as I had hoped it would be.

Alejandro E (us) wrote: Intrigas,traicion,adulterio y asesinatos;un drama monarquico de altura con excelentes actores

bill s (ru) wrote: More note worthy for Coppola's debut then a horror movie.....early schlock low budget just too silly.

Evanna M (de) wrote: love this one. it's good and funny too..

Anthony V (br) wrote: Samuel Fuller creates a beautiful Film Noir, need I say more?

HM F (gb) wrote: Authentic Florida locations and a dependably rugged performance from Gary Cooper highlight Raul Walsh's Distant Drums. Although the story is pretty standard; US military must attack and then evade capture of the local Native American tribe, the Florida locations distinguish this movie from a story that would typically be the basis of a Western. The attack on the fort (filmed at St. Augustine) makes rather good use of day-for-night shooting with an explosive finale that would make you think destroyed the fort (it still stands as a national monument; Castillo de San Marcos). Allot of the trekking around can be seen to be Silver Springs and the natural beauty of the park shines through the Technicolor film.Cooper delivers another fine performance, but not really memorable in itself. More likely to catch your attention is the alluring Mari Aldon, an actress whose career never really sparked, although she certainly had the look. Richard Webb as the fresh-faced Navy Lieutenant stands out as a sore spot in the film. His character delivers a useless on-screen narration that adds nothing to the film other then to draw attention to the character. You keep waiting for him to butt heads with Cooper's Quincy Wyatt or vie for the attentions of Aldon's character, but it never happens. Neither does his character do any particularly heroic or even die to give the movie some emotional heft. His character is about as useless as John Boles' Victor in the 1931 Frankenstein. That minor quibble aside, the film is nice diversion to catch on TCM, but not really worth a purchase.

Indu R (de) wrote: A good movie by Tom Cruise and the rest of the cast. The plot was good and so were the lines in the movie.