The Midnight Swim

The Midnight Swim

Spirit Lake is unusually deep. No diver has ever managed to find the bottom. When Dr. Amelia Brooks disappears during a deep-water dive, her three daughters travel home. They find themselves unable to let go and become drawn into the mysteries of the lake.

Spirit Lake is unusually deep. No diver has ever managed to find the bottom, though many have tried. When Dr. Amelia Brooks disappears during a deep-water dive, her three daughters travel home to settle her affairs. They find themselves unable to let go of their mother and become drawn into the mysteries of the lake. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Al M (ca) wrote: Crows Zero is a hyper-violent, originally stylized teenage gang film from the mind of Takashi Miike. The film is not one of Miike's gore-drenched, sexually perverse nightmares but instead hearkens back to his earlier cinema concerning yakuza and young thugs. While Crows Zero is a powerfully directed and stylish piece of cinema, it falls victim to the Tarantino Complex--it privileges style over substance to the point where substance evaporates. In fact, it makes Tarantino--who I also admire like Miike--look like he is including philosophical thought experiments in between his homages to whatever style of exploitation cinema. In this film, Miike falls victim to a trap that Tarantino always avoids except in Jackie Brown--his piece of exploitation cinema becomes a snooze-fest. While Jackie Brown implodes from too much talking and too little action, Crows Zero falls apart because there is too much fighting and almost nothing else. The fight scenes go on forever and interrupt the more interesting parts of the film. While they are well-directed and often brutal, the fight scenes ultimately detract from the film because they take up over 80% of the screen time.

Conchita R (fr) wrote: Not bad, considering all...

Spencer W (de) wrote: Simply amazing. Great action and storyline backed by the most stunning visuals I've ever seen! A must see, especially on an Imax screen.

alex f (de) wrote: The title alone, of this movie "Strange Days," provides a very obvious and accurate depiction of this film, strange to say the least. From the first couple minutes on and throughout, this film is packed with action and overflowing with drama. This Sci-fi, futuristic movie is about the latest black market commodity and entertainment, "the squid," which is a headpiece that captures people's thoughts, memories, and experiences into recordings. The film takes place in Los Angeles, a few days shy of the new millennium and main character, Lenny Nero, is the pusher of these squid disks and has no guilt dealing in people's "real, uncut" thoughts until he runs across snuff clips. Lenny is traumatized by what his squid device has become and then when he finds out that a very influential hip-hop artist and political activist has been killed and recorded as a squid, he is really in fear for his life. This was definitely a weird, out of the norm film and for any viewers looking to escape the boring bounds of reality for 2 hours and 25 minutes, this film will serve your entertainment purposes.

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Adrian B (es) wrote: A group of men gather to plot a major heist of a casino that has plenty of cash on hand. One of these men, Bob (Roger Duschesne), has had intermittent luck in the past and willing to gamble his reputation and life over this robbery. Another member, much younger than the others, is entangled in an affair with young woman, who funnily has an affair with Bob as well. Interesting, though at times a bit slow thriller that seems very familiar to the 1950 John Huston noir, "The Asphalt Jungle." Not in the same league, but it still a good enough film to yield a viewing. All the actors are, however, very good and the concluding scene is quite memorable.

Bill T (gb) wrote: Yeah, I know, it's one of Renoir's best, but it still don't mean I gotta like it. Renoir presents his version of a film noir, and it's slow, all about trains And The People Who Run Them. It's slow, stagey and often dull. So sue me. lol

Dorian G (de) wrote: Yay! Funny. I love Charlie Day. The rest are awesome too, especially Colin Farrell. Too bad he couldn't be in it longer.Watched (probably for the 5th time since it was released, I just never rated it before) on Popcorn Time with Sam at her house, October 13, 2015.

Karl H (us) wrote: I needed a little Hart and a big Johnson. I liked the whimsy potty humor and the play between the two. Is it a go to over and over again like a Happy Gilmore or Talladega Nights? No. Is a good movie you and a date can enjoy and laugh about? Absolutely. Worth a download? Yes.