The Mill and the Cross

The Mill and the Cross

What would it be like to step inside a great work of art, have it come alive around you, and even observe the artist as he sketches the very reality you are experiencing? From Lech Majewski, one of Poland's most acclaimed filmmakers, The Mill and the Cross is a cinematic re-staging of Pieter Bruegel's masterpiece "Procession to Calvary," presented alongside the story of its creation.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English,Spanish,Flemish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:artist,   religion,   whipping,  

The film focuses on a dozen of the 500 characters depicted in Bruegel's painting. The theme of Christ's suffering is set against religious persecution in Flanders in 1564. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Mill and the Cross torrent reviews

Tayyab R (mx) wrote: Uninspiring, unconvincing and forgettable - The movie not only lags on intellect but also lacks flavor in glamour and color.

Renesa N (ru) wrote: It was interesting..should have given a world wide release

Siriporn P (nl) wrote: A good story that parallels reality and implications.

Brett E (fr) wrote: I still can't get over the brilliance of Meryl Streep's acting in this movie. She deserves the Best Actress Oscar, by far. This was a solid script featuring minimal, yet well-developed, characters, performed by extremely capable actors. Surprisingly, there was a lot of comedy in the beginning but it all worked. Kudos also to Amy Adams, but I was (only a tad) underwhelmed by Philip Seymour Hoffman, compared to the women, and by the ending which to me came out of left field.

Alice S (ca) wrote: Pretty awful. I think the movie was trying to be sassy cheerleading (Bring It On) meets teen social critique (Not Another Teen Movie), but it doesn't quite get there with its easy dick jokes. The final cheerleading performance isn't even that impressive. They make such a big deal about not shilling for Staples that I expected Shawn to cheekily deliver the ad to the camera after recovering from his fall into the water. That would have been gold.

Lester Y (mx) wrote: the raw sexual energy this early verhoeven effort exuded was out of control but i hated this dysfunctional relationship cuz the male lead's assholeness was impossible to bear

Hannah D (br) wrote: Considering this was made in 1945 I was impressed with the special effects. It wasn't just aesthetically pleasing, though. It was a sharp script. Obviously Noel Coward takes full credit for that. Like most people my favourite character was Margaret Rutherford's Madame Arcati!

Matt H (nl) wrote: What a mess. If the film is trying to accomplish what it's like to be inside a feeble-minded old man's psyche, then, well I guess it succeeded. Yay? I think "The Mumbling" would have been a more accurate title, I literally had to turn on subtitles just to fully understand what Pacino was saying, not that it amounted to much of interest. This is kind of a weird companion piece to Birdman, and while not the hugest fan of Birdman, it clearly is the better movie. Even the usually great Greta Gerwig doesn't get to stand out much here. I guess you could argue Pacino gives a good performance, but it's one so wasted in this film and with so little consequence that it really doesn't stand out either.

Elliot P (ca) wrote: I fell asleep. Take from that what you will.