The Mine

The Mine

A woman trying to find her way out of a long abandoned Polish Uranium mine encounters the strange world that lies within -- and is invited to stay as a permanent guest.

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Holly R (br) wrote: Yes A Serbian Film is a masterpiece! although it is extremely disturbing and rather inhumane.... it's cinematography, soundtrack and cast is all on point! The subject matter is just unbelievably dark but also a bit ridiculous like it's politically taking the piss out of real life situations kind of thing. The movie keeps you hooked every second of it whether you like it or not.

Adam P (us) wrote: A superb trio of actresses really make it a stand out. Uma Thurman's the real showcase as a painfully yearning girl from New Jersey. It's uncomfortable but truthful and ultimately with a great message.

Justin A (kr) wrote: The acting varies and the casting decisions are questionable in some cases. It's similar to the first movie, but the last thirty minutes of this movie are pretty fun. So it's sort of difficult to rate this movie as the first two acts are just a rehash of the first movie and the budget shows, but the final act is filled with a lot of action and looks 10x its budget. Tough call on this movie. Recommended only if you enjoyed the first movie, and even then, you've got to stick with it to the end to really appreciate it (and even then, it's not very likely that you will enjoy it).Also, what is the deal with Morbid Angel playing during the party? I'm a fan, but that is like the complete opposite kind of music you would dance to if you are trying to be seductive. Strange music choice.

Losa M (jp) wrote: i love the scenery and the dark side of this movie, the natural chemistry between Ryan and Quaid is fantastic - i just really really like this movie.

Cameron H (ru) wrote: By the title and premise of Trading Places, one might easily and fairly assume that this is simply about what it would be like for the poor black Valentine (Eddie Murphy) and the white rich Winthorpe (Dan Aykroyd) to trade places. For the first 30 minutes the film takes to establish the premise, that's how it appears. Big-time Philly corporation heads Duke and Duke (Ralph Bellamy and Don Ameche) bet, in a Pygmalion fashion, how their employee Winthorpe and an outside beggar Valentine would handle themselves in the polar opposite situation. That first half-hour was difficult for me to swallow. Not a single character shows any signs of likability or depth. Every person working for, and including, Duke and Duke are white bigots. The cops aren't much better. You can deem this flaw as a product of its time, but really, does every single upper-class person have to be such a snob?Once the premise is in full run, after the characters' initial confusion, we bear witness to what one Duke was betting on. The bet was specifically to see whether Winthorpe and Valentine would adapt to their conditions and a new lifestyle with near immediacy or would remain as confused as they began for however long they could live in the new, unfamiliar environment. To some comedic effect, Valentine adapts himself very well to the life of a stockbroker, while a vengeful Winthorpe finds shelter under the wing of a sweet, but no-nonsense prostitute played by Jamie Lee Curtis. Winthorpe becomes so driven by revenge that he enters his office building as a drunken Santa during a Christmas work party, trying to frame Valentine the same way that Duke and Duke framed him. The premise's result is the saving grace, as every previous joke was either Eddie Murphy being Eddie Murphy or the white people being ignorant. By this stage, I'm no longer focused on the comedy. Although Murphy and Aykroyd had adapted to their environments without any fish-out-of-water shenanigans, they were territorial and selfish from beginning to end. The low-class environment strangely turned the two into more dishonest people than the high-class did. No justification is given or needed. All I need is consistency, and Trading Places has that, up to its ridiculous climax and ending. (The weirdest joke is when a gorilla makes a mysterious business fellow his bitch.) When my focus was away from comedy, I soon felt the laughs, rather than forcing. I only wish that the whole film was this strong.

Kate H (jp) wrote: an interesting film adaptation of the inspirational book

Eduardo L (kr) wrote: Very rugged, macho, self-indulgent, flag waving war-glorifying tripe. Not the gritty, realistic or artistic war movie (you know, where good war movies come from!) that I'm used to. Entertaining enough though.

Juho K (ca) wrote: Enemmn potkua vaativa leffa. Muuten OK.

John C (us) wrote: Good scares, made me scream so loud it scared my gf. Could have better acting though.

Lovyn L (es) wrote: Tells how human nature is darker than the undead.

(kr) wrote: James Woods acting is riveting in this weird movie that explores fears and desires. Even when this movie was made, the fear of mind control through technology was very strong. If they could only imagine where technology is now!

Wes S (de) wrote: It's not James Bond, but its still a fun action-packed spy thriller despite the lack of class. Vin Diesel feels alive and open, and proves to be a interesting action anti-hero. The plot isn't anything too special, and some moments slow the story down.