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The Missing Link


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Layli U (au) wrote: Well directed movie with strong performances by Rituparna, Rahul Bose and even Raima. The interaction with the non-Bengali characters was a bit stilted and painful to watch but the movie is more than that. It tells an interesting tale of human relationships, things that bind us and how often strangers lives resonate with others.

blue b (it) wrote: I watched a film last night called Cemetery Gates. But before I tell you about it, let's play a little game. See if you can guess what it was about. I'll give you a clue - it's a low budget horror film. You said zombies, didn't you? Or if not zombies, ghosts or demons or something like that. Something supernatural and scary. You're not far off. Well, in fact you're miles off. It's about a genetically-modified giant Tasmanian Devil liberated from a research laboratory by animal activists and released into the countryside. Released to rend and splatter assorted moronic characters, introduced solely to display their giblets and find out what their limbs look like with the normal spatial relationships eliminated. The reverse-evolved monstrous beast is called Precious. This has now made you think that Cemetery Gates has a sense of humour, but it hasn't really. It's only funny by accident, and that's pretty often. But even more frequently it's that horrid, infuriating failing-to-be-funny that ghastly people do when they amuse no one but themselves and make you retch with sheer disgust at their hateful lives and pathetic things. If a random idiot wandered off the street onto a film set, with the half-shaped idea of how to cobble together a film bobbing around in his brainal cesspool, this is the vision he'd be squinting at through his mind's eye. Cemetery Gates is a grave cautionary tale to prove that not everybody who thinks they can make an entertaining cheap film can make an entertaining cheap film. Everything about this film reeks of it being a first attempt. The script and dialogue is first-draft clunky and inane and dull and perfunctory. Performances are almost without exception impossibly annoying and hateful - apart from Reggie Bannister (who you no doubt won't remember at all from Phantasm) who excels in a very effective portrayal of someone so confused by absolutely everything he can't even be bothered to pretend to act. He just bumbles, and dawdles, and erms through every scene as if it's distracting him from trying to do his self-assessment tax return in his head. In what must be a terrible attempt at comic relief, there is a ridiculous bint in it too. Supposedly a fluff-minded sexpot, her every move is culled directly from a porn performance given by a girl who's only ever encountered sex in porn. A lollypop gets saucily sucked. But then slapped nastily against tongue and deepthroated. And then held between tits and gobbled. A van full of stoned boys look on in cackling, bulge-trousered glee. But they are so unbearably unendearing they might as well be multiple clones of Screech from Saved By The Bell. The characters are all uniformly rubbish, then. Gurning old pervs and retard-level hicks. Teens so abhorrent they kindle in your head tiny thoughts of a teen-holocaust. Scientists so foolish and head-scratching you wonder that they achieved successfully putting on their shoes in the morning. And Tasmanian Devil-fodder tosspots who appear scant moments before exploding into pools of food colouring at the rubbery claws of Precious - "Hey, you idiot! You've thrown it in to that cave!" - Go get it then, fucko! "You get it, you anus!" - No, you. Tool. "Asshole! Fuck's sake!" Hapless boy saunters into the gloom only to emerge literally four seconds later with his arms missing and pink blood hosepiping into the dust. And then his friend, instead of running away, decides to have his intestines pulled out through the back of his fool head. That little bit of made up dialogue I did there? That's significantly better-written than the bulk of the film's dialogue. Significantly, a lot. The kills are kitchen-sink silly and there is no suspense whatsoever. No tension. Hardly surprising when the entire film takes place in bright daylight and the threat is a man in a stringy monster costume with the head of a Beatrix Potter rabbit set alight and doused with gluey rice crispies. Dreadful. I think they blew it up in the end or something (spoiler) but honestly, who cares. 2

Terri H (jp) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested.

Dion D (ag) wrote: Overwrought, juvenile, misogynistic, self-indulgent, pretentious and unrelenting in its jaundiced cynicism, Pink Floyd The Wall is buoyed by a tremendous soundtrack and imagery that sears into your mind's eye. It takes both the strengths and weaknesses of the original album and blows them up to epic proportions, resulting in narcissism writ large. At its best, it is a darkly mythic reinterpretation of the rock-god dream; at its worst, its autobiographical elements create a confused hodgepodge of thematic elements that add up only to a laundry list of personal grievances. Still, it's spectacular in turns.

Jim H (ru) wrote: The film chronicles several journeys in a couple's relationship.While the performances by Albert Finney and Audrey Hepburn are often delightful, the film's primary problem is its unevenness. It's occasionally hard to follow, and the mix of happy times and marital discord never quite finds its proper balance.Overall, there are parts of this film that are fun, but the film as a whole lacks cohesiveness.

Greg W (de) wrote: awesome historical bio-pic

Steve D (jp) wrote: One of his best but still not great

Tom K (es) wrote: A very creative film with allot of beautiful backgrounds, catchy songs and decent animation. it's allot darker than your average kids film but i liked it allot when i was a kid and as an adult i can still watch the movie and enjoy it. if you're looking for a good family film than you won't go wrong with The BFG

Greg W (ru) wrote: another romantic triangle pic from Allen

Joshua H (gb) wrote: awesome if u like ninja stuff!