The Mistress

The Mistress

A young woman is torn between the affections of her two lovers. One is a young bachelor who brings passion into her life. The other is a married man who has kept her as his mistress for years. Architect JD has a chip on his shoulder about his father Rico never really accepting him as his son. Seamstress Sari struggles to take care of her family. The two meet by chance, and JD aggressively pursues Saris affections. Though the two are clearly a good match, there is a problem standing in the way of their bliss: Sari is the mistress of JDs father. Against his better judgment, JD continues to court Sari even after finding out this difficult fact. He hides his true identity as Ricos son, and fights to win Saris heart.

A young woman is torn between the affections of her two lovers. One is a young bachelor who brings passion into her life... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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shishir a (jp) wrote: awesum flick...refreshing

Chenyi Y (ca) wrote: Sad to say, but there is very bad editing, and too much subtitles. Therefore it was difficult to follow.

Fay P (ru) wrote: Awful, awful, the worst TV film you've seen. Really poor acting, fast cuts like they've tried to squeeze it in between breaks, awful music, and that's being kind! Don't waste your money, seriously.

Marc C (nl) wrote: This is a great watch for anybody interested in a career in filmmaking. I love this stuff. "Nobody knows anything, if they did, every movie would be great."

JJ P (mx) wrote: An extremely dark movie. Who knew Brendan "Encino Man" Fraser could act this well? not to say his performance was mind blowing or Oscar worthy it wasn't it just surpassed his usual "ability". Watch it... if you can find it.

Michal Z (ru) wrote: o tym jak emmanuelle poprawczakowca romantycznie puka?a

Cassandra H (kr) wrote: i am simply attracted by Barnaby Metschurat =3=

Film F (nl) wrote: No better Fields anywhere...

Natalie M (ag) wrote: A classic for sure, but I felt that the character of Boudu was overly simplified.

Chris B (de) wrote: This movie is awesome! What a great way to start off the entire MCU. Jon Favreau was the perfect man to direct this and he knocked it out of the park. But man was Robert Downey Jr not born to play Tony Stark? He really is Tony Stark in real life and just fits the role so perfectly. Gwyneth Paltrow is an awesome Pepper Potts as well. But this movie has great action and comedy a must see and still one of marvels best.

Twilla D (kr) wrote: the most incredible film i have ever seen. forest gump can suck a dick. praise ye the lord almighty god