The Moment of Truth

The Moment of Truth

Miguel, a poor young man living in Franco's Spain becomes a bull fighter to escape starvation.

Miguel, a poor young man living in Franco's Spain becomes a bull fighter to escape starvation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lucas M (gb) wrote: Ab Fab: The Movie could have taken it's terrific characters and it's undeniable humor to the next level if it didn't have such a clich (C)d plot.

Charlie H (nl) wrote: A brilliant and humane biopic about the genius. Cumberbatch gives a wonderful performance, conveying all of the feelings one might believe someone in Hawking's situation might feel. Watching the bright, hopeful genius descend into a state where he had to talk through a computer was utterly heart wrenching. A triumph!

Scott K (kr) wrote: Does Jobs discuss why he felt it necessary to break the FREE MARKET Law by having five huge LABELS FIX the price of music? He's dead now but I'd love to hear his take on this. HE'S A CROOK.

Jillian S (es) wrote: This documentary is so powerful. It's great to see women in positions of influence contributing to this fascinating piece, and while the statistics made me uncomfortable (we have an incredible amount of work to do in this country to combat media portrayals of women), these stories aren't talked about enough.

Barnaby G (us) wrote: I was very interested in the subject matter but the pace and delivery of this documentary was arduous. I didn't get to the end.

David L (mx) wrote: Not really like tis kind of movie, some part of special effect is poor too, but still watchable la.

Everardo C (ca) wrote: Las canciones son simplemente deslumbrantes, aunque con un guion simple conecta perfecto con la audiencia

Wiebke K (gb) wrote: In typical Moore style, the movie explores the US health insurance system and its criminal nature, compares it to other countries and ends on a simply heart wrenching and beautiful note. A must see.

Ilsa W (ru) wrote: Actually very funny in places and Jason Statham is massively entertaining as the psychotic Monk. The game action is great fun and the two football commentating Bobs are hilarious. Not the best acting, I mean the star is Vinnie Jones which says it all, but the likeability of the characters makes up for it. Quite a fun little remake.

Di B (es) wrote: very believable for the most part

Ibrahim M (it) wrote: Absolutely loved it!

Private U (ca) wrote: little known gem with joaquin phoenix- then known as leaf....

JH K (au) wrote: De nuevo, otra produccion que si tiene guion es por que por alguna parte hay que empezar, pero que parece inexistente, trama y dialogos? eso es para rayarse el tarro que no?... en cualquier caso, la produccion y direccion no es demasiado mala, quiero decir, es una mierda de peli, pero no sufres viendola.

Kari K (kr) wrote: The title says it all! It is Thrashin' !!! A sort of skate punk Romeo & Juliet

Natasha S (kr) wrote: Sean Penn is too cute in this! I love him in a love story and that's what this is. Just seeing his character trying to roller skate is worth the whole 108 minutes!!

Denise P (au) wrote: Nostalgic in the warmest sense of the term, Fast Times at Ridgemont High offers an honest, bittersweet and above all fun excursion into the depths of teenage life with a remarkable cast, a lightly boisterous story and a great nonstop rock soundtrack.

Tibor P (jp) wrote: Mg ltalnos iskols koromban lttam ezt a spagetti horrort VHS-en (lengyelpiac kiads, szigoran almondssal) s gy emlkeztem nagyon para. Most gyakorlatilag vgigrhgtem. Vr-Bartok kzt.

Miriam G (br) wrote: This brilliantly casted, well-shot, and beautifully written film only falls short at its boring, ahistorical ending.

Grant H (jp) wrote: Pretty good movie. While the script (almost non-existent) could use some work, the film benefits from funny performances from its cast, especially David, in the primarily improvised film.

Dexter D (mx) wrote: Don't be put off by the critic review scores - This is an extremely epic and entertaining movie with a great plot and a very strong lead actor.