The Money Trap

The Money Trap

A cop turns to crime to keep his spoiled sexy young wife happy. When the money starts coming in his partner was in on the action.

Joe Baron is a cop with money problems who sees them solved when he is assigned a burglary case involving $500.000 missing from a doctor's office safe. Joe and his partner decide to find the missing cash. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jessica M (fr) wrote: This was a waste... It was shot almost entirely in the dark. Who the he'll wants to listen to a movie versus watching it! Don't waste your time with this one.

Stephanie Z (ru) wrote: want to see, in the hopes that it would make Insidious make sense. Insidious is one of today's rare movies that seemed to me to require an additional movie as opposed to the normal sequels, trilogies of modern times which were never made to be continuations.

Michael K (mx) wrote: Much like all Miyazaki's works, "The Secret World of Arrietty" is a truly magical and beautiful story. It's one of those films you get so attached to the story that you forget you're watching a movie.

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Aaron B (mx) wrote: Tom Hanks son is a disappointment in this downer of a thriller.

Lucy G (gb) wrote: make me want to be a fairy

Ben P (us) wrote: it has some of the worst CGI I've seen, but has a great story and it is very entertaining

Eric B (ca) wrote: Simple but gritty; tightly constructed.

Spencer R (ca) wrote: Very entertainig cheapo that steals everything from those Australian/New Zeland post-apocolypse era "Mad Max" stuff. Looks like it was shot in english and then redubbed - sort of a spaghetti western type version of Aussie apocolypse!!!

William W (ru) wrote: I know I'll probably get a lot of flak for suggesting this, but I strongly feel that this anthology piece director Romero did, largely helped by Stephen King, is Romero's finest outing outside of his seven zombie films (of which so far I've seen five). One of the best by one director as well--and it puts the much-more-celebrated 'Twilight Zone: The Movie', which came out around the same time, to shame. Definitely one to purchase and rewatch, for the horror aficionados amongst you. The 80's weren't so bad...

Brendan S (au) wrote: The film explores why females fall in love with such assholes , which I relate to because I have been trying to figure out that my entire life .

Bari A (de) wrote: This movie is so bad it's hilarious.

Juliano K (kr) wrote: Masterpiece, e tenho dito!!!one of the few that is as good as the book! memorable!

Maffy T (it) wrote: Hate it. Boring.Felt like Christmas and Halloween gave birth to a dull and talentless prick.Hollywood can be so cringeworthy sometimes.