The Monster

The Monster

A general store clerk and aspiring detective investigates a mysterious disappearance that took place quite close to an empty insane asylum.

A meek clerk who doubles as an amateur detective investigates some very strange goings-on at a remote mental sanitarium. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan L (kr) wrote: this was the worst movie I have ever seen my life would have been better if I never would have watch it I don't know how the hell this movie has a 2% lead on dr. strange

Private U (ru) wrote: The intriguing story about the Bra Boys, and some bloody amazing surf! Sunny Abberton is more of a surfer than a film director, but the story itself makes up for that.

Sean D (fr) wrote: Another useless and medicore SyFy film. They need to have their film making rights revoked and banned. This one is very similar to Vipers. Not much to say. Boring and mediocre and way too much stupid CGI.

Elijah L (it) wrote: Equally bloody and hilarious, In Bruges is a brilliant dark comedy lead by a fantastic performance from Colin Farrell.

Lucas H (us) wrote: The joker in this movie is amazing

Bill B (de) wrote: A very strange but watchable character study, this film follows what happens as a woman leaves her husband that she's merely co-existing with to seek out a man she;s met on the internet who promises kinky sexual encounters, and the ultimate release from her life-long depression.Told in a disjointed style, the narrative paints a grim portrait of this marriage, though it did leave me wondering how in the hell these people even came together as a couple to begin with, as he seems amazingly disinterested in her and she barely functions in society, but I suppose you just have to go with it to enjoy the film.Well worth a rental.

David R (ca) wrote: A very inspiring documentary featuring the work of a most inspired artist whose work (mostly) is soon destroyed by natural forces.

Jamie M (it) wrote: A pretty damn good movie!!

Luciano G (jp) wrote: A good movie with good scenes, mystery, suspense, comedy, and some drama.....Carpenter and Chase try, but these "Memoirs" end up not all that memorable.....

Bea M (it) wrote: A little confuse story but only understandable when you realize the main characther personality.

Andrey B (es) wrote: Orson Welles' unique vision on films is manifested in his last picture too. Features incredible editing.

Jonathan E (jp) wrote: Just watched this today on Sho Hd . Kinda kazy mite be ripe for the remake. Classic actors tho..

ML B (fr) wrote: There is a joy in seeing this film for the fist time before the taint of CG car chases and heroes who worked at showing how "Cool" they were supposed to be. Everyone says it because it's true: Steve McQueen was the coolest. And This film shows it. I've seen this one maybe ten times and never tire of it. Bullitt is a must if you're a fan.

Carfax A (ca) wrote: Cats Eye is a pretty good Stephen King anthology film that incorporates several visual nods to his other films/book. There are three stories that make up the film all being tied together with the cat. The 1st story is Quitters Inc. it deals with a guy that goes to a company that specializes in helping you kick the habit of smoking. To say they have extreme measures of getting you to quit is a understatement. Very good story here. The 2nd story is the weakest of the bunch and really not that interesting compared to the other two. It's called The Ledge and deals with a mobster who gets revenge on a guy who is sleeping with his wife. However, the tables end up turning on the mobster. It's interesting to note that the 1st two stories come from Kings book, Night Shift while the third was written for the film. Which is called General and it's the best of the three. It involves the cat, a killer troll and a little girl. Very similar to the Trilogy Of Terror episode Amelia with the Zulu Warrior doll that comes to life. The troll itself is a lot of fun to watch as it fights with the cat and the little girl. Over all the film is pretty entertaining and lends itself to repeat viewing. Look for all the Stephen Book/film references through out the movie. Some are obvious and some are hidden.