The Most Beautiful

The Most Beautiful

The stories of several young women who work in a 'precision optical instruments' factory during the second World War. Despite illness, injury, and tremendous personal hardship, the women persevere in their tasks, devoted to their work and their country's cause.

During World War II, the management of a war industry of optical instruments for weapons requests an effort from the workers to increase the productivity during four months. The target for ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeremy Y (us) wrote: Oh Santa Cruz waves.

Eric P (it) wrote: With Dane Cook and Julie Benz this film may seem like low budget attempt at a Crash ripoff but to much surprise Answers to nothing is more of a great drama fill with love, heart and family drama surely will draw you if you give it a chance

Damjan v (fr) wrote: Not much happens here, but it doesn't happen in a captivating way, beautiful, sad and funny, often all at the same time.

Samuel J (es) wrote: Patton seems like he would be the cynical comedian type, but keeps things rather light, he's a well rounded comedian with allot of heart.

N M (gb) wrote: Surprisingly funny, beautifully acted. Very entertaining and comical, considering the subject matter. Aaron Paul delivers his best performance on the big screen. Samantha Morton proves herself worthy of another nomination.Very good film.

Melike S (gb) wrote: nice movie... I liked the end but not the beginning

David S (ag) wrote: A wide range of stories tied together, incorporating the spectrum of human emotions, Katsushito Ishii's movie "Cha no aji" is a must-watch. If you like Itami Juzo's "Tampopo", this will be a great movie for you. It's stories are a little more random, but has a very similar feel. (And like "Spinal Tap", this movie gets funnier and more compelling the more time you spend thinking about it after wards.)In watching this movie, one can definitely sense the effects of not only Juzo's film making style, but also Hayao Miyazaki ("Totoro", "Spirited Away"), Jean-Pierre Jeunet (Amelie,") and Wes Anderson ("Rushmore", "The Royal Tenenbaums")

Kristy M (ca) wrote: eye opening movie. shows the strictness of the taliban and our faulty immigration system.

Thomas M (jp) wrote: yeah, okay really, but sad and depressing, with nothing really extraordinary or novative as well. the depiction of the characters is somewhat shallow, so yes you feel for them, but never beyond a certain point. all together, i think it's full of good intention, but too immature to be important on that issue.

Jordan J (es) wrote: This is definitely an 80s classic. This is one of the greatest movies I have ever seen. This is a movie that just can't be forgotten unlike its remake. This movie gets a A.

Teija H (nl) wrote: i have always loved this movie, why not on dvd????

Jeff B (fr) wrote: There's something not right about a couple of 30-somethings playng a couple of collegians, even if they are likeable. But this was a decent relationship movie with a cool end.

Colin W (es) wrote: Godard's most accessible film, a good place for people to start if they're looking to get into his movies (this or Breathless)

Ryan W (kr) wrote: A terrible film with some of the most amateur dialogue,script,acting and special effects put to the big screen.

Durell B (gb) wrote: A well done road trip film between a quick witted, firecracker youngster and her sly con man companion. One of the best comic teams I've ever seen in a movie. Addie Loggins played by Tatum O'Neal, who won the Oscar for best supporting actress in this role has impeccable comic timing. She plays alongside her real life father Ryan O'Neal who is great as slick talking hustler Moses Pray. Both brilliantly compliment each other in the best way. Honorable mention to Imogene played by unknown P.J. Johnson who was the African-American assistant to hot-in-the-pants Trixie. Trixie was "your lady for a price" that Moses picked up at a carnival. Imogene had the best side character role and played it well. Paper Moon was precisely what a buddy movie about grifting should be and what others have striven to be. Holds up just as well now as it did 40 years ago. Perfectly executed with phenomenal writing and acting that never fell short in heart and a dash of soul.

Ben H (jp) wrote: Wasn't my favourite animated film but some good songs and great for the kids

Elliot M (nl) wrote: Probably the worst Saw movie!

Brian T (us) wrote: Good movie! Mercy is a great hand to hand fighter. Van Dam who?

Niko W (de) wrote: The ending is whats keeping it from 5 stars