The Mouth Agape

The Mouth Agape

The portrait of a woman going through a terminal illness and the tumorous lives of her husband and son.

The portray of a woman going through a terminal illness and the tumorous lives of her husband and son. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Mouth Agape torrent reviews

Cinthya G (fr) wrote: I laughed, cried, and felt better after watching this film. The story was beautiful, original, and well executed. I highly recommend this movie!

Jussi M (es) wrote: "Found footage" strikes again!

Jason C (mx) wrote: Ti West might be the most underrated director in the business. I'd put this up against any thriller today, and it was probably made for less than $40,000. AWESOME.

Simon B (ru) wrote: one of the crappiest movies you could ever see

Julio S (mx) wrote: An alright gory film.

Randy T (mx) wrote: heartwarming, and definetly a good, sappy movie!

Hannah D (es) wrote: This is a great little comedy-drama starring one of my favourite actresses, Winona Ryder. She has such fantastic screen presence in just about anything she does, and there was no exception here. The whole atmosphere was really feel-good for the most part. I have seen this in the schedules quite a lot but for some reason I always passed over it. It is just my kind of thing.

Marco P (br) wrote: adjani at his best.Wonderful thrilling story and brilliant acting.I had always tears at the end

Kitty O (fr) wrote: Walks a thin line between self-examination and self-absorption, but I think it's a great film. Recommended for anyone who's ever known an obsessive record collector, or for fans of the American Splendor and Crumb comics and films.

Art S (us) wrote: At first, I thought this was just another John Ford-esque tale of small town American life in the inner West, but gradually its folksy charms and dark realities won me over. Joel McCrea is the Parson who comes to Walsburg after the Civil War to build community; he takes a wife (Ellen Drew) and together they raise a young orphan (Dean Stockwell) who narrates the tale. We are treated to numerous anecdotes from the town's life but the major plot threads involve 1) the gruff young doctor who conflicts with the Parson over how to treat the typhoid epidemic that attacks the town; and 2) the old sharecropper whose property stands in the way of the town's mining interests and who is confronted one dark night by the KKK. Mostly though, this is a gentle, affectionate picture with human characters who may or may not believe in God but do believe in having a strong sense of community. Whether or not the world was ever like this, it does seem a shame when it's gone.

Noname (gb) wrote: This is mad max on water style and very good. Good story and nice actors.