The Murder Party

The Murder Party

A major newspaper publisher dies in suspicious circumstances during a parlour game at a dinner party. The publishers secretary is the obvious suspect, but the Inspector isn't so sure ...

A major newspaper publisher dies in suspicious circumstances during a parlour game at a dinner party. The publishers secretary is the obvious suspect, but the Inspector isn't so sure ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kurt C (it) wrote: Extremely emotional but incredibly beautiful. I bawled all through the second half. Good thing I was alone in that theatre!

Arturo P (gb) wrote: I liked the story and all, but all that distracts the audience from what really matters. SHARKS! The characters and story are well played out, but you know those cheap Sci-Fi Network movies, really cheap CGI.

Allu S (ru) wrote: Puri sticks to formula, this movie is Arjun's showreel. His dances and fights with the Tony Jha-like body make the movie paisa-vasool. Ali's comedy and Hansika Motwani's pretty looks are the bonuses. The biggest hit of 2007 is finally out on DVD!

Cody L (kr) wrote: Good story with some solid performances.

Phil H (ca) wrote: Yes I can't believe it either but Band still somehow manages to make yet more killer doll flicks without anyone saying hey! haven't we done this before?!. This doll flick is pretty much the same as 'Puppet Master' accept the dolls are much more detailed, extreme looking, twisted and bizarre but also really decent looking too.The whole film is kinda off the wall or more like a twisted fairytale as the dolls are controlled by a villain with a normal human body but he has a shrunken head (think 'Beetlejuice') that actually looks good I must admit. His main henchman is a human version of 'Jack Attack' from 'Demonic Toys'...basically a big guy with clown face paint on which was a little disturbing I guess. All this and a sexy girl rock band imprisoned in a large cage for his amusement...sweet.The plot is...again...a bad guy using the dolls to kill for his own evil plans. A few different plot twists here and there buts its the usual thing really, not much else that can be done I guess. To be frank its just a chance for Band to make another puppet film with a new fun set of killer dolls, that's all, much like 'Doll Graveyard'.Its competent and solid as a doll horror, doesn't look cheap and nasty which is a bonus and the characters are good fun. Problem is its been done to death by now, by the same man numerous times.

Bheema D (us) wrote: I DON'T KNOW HOW TO LIVE ANYMORE.

Christina I (it) wrote: I started the movie but I couldn't get into it.

John Y (de) wrote: Stupid and silly film trying to build off of the success of "The Mighty Ducks".

Ramiq N (jp) wrote: love home alone absolutely all the movies in the series

Jaime R (kr) wrote: Early Curtis Hanson work, just falls flat a little too soon.

Lee M (fr) wrote: one of my favorite shows growing up

Cool Thunder (de) wrote: Classics I grew up on.

David S (kr) wrote: Not the greatest work from Abbott & Costello, but still silly enough to be pleasantly entertaining.

Jason M (it) wrote: this movie was good up to the end then it became predictable

jackson w (fr) wrote: One of my favorite pixar films yet, yes i know the plot is generic but that doesn't stop me from loving the heart filled talking cars.

Jason K (jp) wrote: Watched again with the kids :)

Quincy T (jp) wrote: Hostel Ink presents abundance of sex, gore, and little else. Horror fans may appreciate the carnage, the rest and fainthearted might want to steer clear.Plenty of exotic location and culture to explore, yet Anarchy Parlor still ends up with typical dumb college kids encounter with danger as its main plot. There are so few of likeable characters as they are spewing profanities as replacement for acting, these guys are true representative of swag generation. Thankfully, the lead Robert LaSardo is physically and verbally convincing. Fans of the genre might find the gore very uniquely adequate, the shameless fanservice nudity is surprisingly good as well.Set in Lithuania, a group of dumb college kids fornicate and party a lot until they happen to stumble on a tattoo parlor. The Artist (Robert LaSardo) is strange yet philosophically suave, unbeknown to them he also harbors a sinister secret. Fans might recognize this set-up from Hostel, and to be frank, there's not much else here. Aside from The Artist himself, the rest of characters are tediously uncharismatic. Script is filled with curse word as though the movie tries to set a record of cursing per minute. At times these guys and girls make decisions so horrible it's mind-boggling they are not shanked by random people yet. Not to mention one particular girl screamed so unbelievably annoying, I rooted for the bad guy to finish her and end my misery. It's not an understatement that the characters are mirror image of Jersey Shore cast.What separate Anarchy Parlor are the detailed bloody sequences it presents. Make-up and practical effect like the blood work are disgustingly good down to all the nasty bits. It's not the typical slasher flick mayhem, but a lot more of solemn cutting action, the movie revels in it. There are also tons of sex scene and nudity, which are honestly good. This might just be the level of softcore production value. I guess that merits more point in rating. As the screenplay is lackluster, a decent performance by the lead doesn't negate the rest of the loud bickering, it's quite hard to recommend this to casual audience. Furthermore, the gore is exclusively sickening. Anarchy Parlor is designed especially for horror fans only, the rest needs not enter.