The Murderer Lives at #21

The Murderer Lives at #21

Inspector Wens moves into a Paris boarding house to catch a serial killer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Murderer Lives at #21 torrent reviews

Alex H (gb) wrote: ...I dont know what to say, everything was just ridiculous, save a very few scenes that were funny. Character development is simply terrible, and they did a terrible work on keeping the characters.. 'in character'.

Gruig P (ru) wrote: Oh god, what I have seen? the idea to crossed two things wich have no links together is also a bad idea at the begining. Too much big mistake like guys forget the cycle day and night in the film. But even the poor quality of the scenario and the fx, the film will surprise you with a lot of WTF scene. If you want to laugh on a movie who have no sense. I think it will be for you!

Snigdh J (gb) wrote: Raw,brave & unabashed. That's what we have loved about Kashyap and hv made him stand apart from other Hindi film makers. "That girl in yellow boots" is closer to Kashyap's initial works like Dev D & Black Friday which brimmed with such qualities.Unlike "Shaitaan" which tried a little too hard to shock the audience this one unfolds effortlessly through a deft camera work that beautifully penetrates dirtiest darkest corners of Mumbai. And the film is ruthless rather than shocking while it traverses those corners.Not for everyone as it's brutal at times in it's honesty but for fans of Kashyap it should be a treat.

Ashley H (ca) wrote: District 9 is an excellent film. It is about an extraterrestrial race forced to live in slum-like conditions on Earth. Sharito Copley and Jason Cope give amazing performances. The script is well written. Neill Blomklamp did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of the action and thrills. District 9 is must see.

Michael J (it) wrote: Short sweet and to the point here. If superman is going to return, this is how he should do it.

Jamie S (ca) wrote: Wow! This was incredibly stupid! Thanks Josh

AJ T (au) wrote: perfect movie. i loved reading othello and i think this is a great adaptation.

bill b (ca) wrote: its an adventure with a horrible poster :)

Nolan F (nl) wrote: Good plot, good characters, a few funny scenes. Desperately Seeking Susan is not a movie that will deliver laughs, negating most of its reputation, but its goofy premise leads to an over-all good time.

kato b (us) wrote: my funreral - to a tee

Janemarie C (fr) wrote: the saddest movie :'(

Zarinah H (mx) wrote: "From Beyond the grave" (1973) is one of the better Amicus productions. It stars Peter Cushing as the owner of an antiques store, Temptations Ltd, who sells relics that may be more than the potential buyer can handle. The movie is actually an anthology of four stories - the first stars David Warner as a customer who purchases an antique mirror from Cushing's character, and he delights in the fact that he got it at a 'bargain', effectively cheating the antiques' store owner of a profit. But, Warner's character soon learns that he got more that he expected when a seance unleashes an evil entity that demands a high price. In the second story, a henpecked husband strikes up an awkward friendship with a retired army officer [played by Donald Pleasence]. The husband steals a medal from Cushing's store, and later finds himself getting tangled up with Pleasance's character and his rather strange, otherworldly daughter, Emily. In the third story, a well-to-do man cheats Cushing by switching the price tags on a snuff box, and on his way home, finds himself confronted by a psychic, Mdm Orloff, who warns him that he is being haunted by an elemental, a parasitic spirit that sucks the very life force out of its victim. In the final story, Ian Ogilvy [who was also in another Amicus chiller] plays a man who purchases an ancient door from Cushing's store, and places it in his house, discovering to his horror that the door is a portal to a place that houses an evil spirit. Time slowly runs out for him and his wife [played by a very young Lesley Anne Down] as they try to escape a gruesome death.The acting is top-notch for this genre, and Cushing impresses as always. Fans of atmospheric supernatural tales will love these four stories, that have a moral in them too. A must-have for fans of the genre.

Scott R (fr) wrote: This is entertaining just based on the plot alone.

Alex S (us) wrote: Brilliant western with John Wayne, Robert Mitchum and James Caan.

William D (au) wrote: "Algiers," starring Charles Boyer, was not nominated for Best Picture in 1938, but it received several major nominations and was one of the big films of that year. It was nominated for Best Actor, Supporting Actor, and Cinematography, among other things, but went home empty-handed. Although I cannot give it more than a 7 rating, I was impressed with the grown-up quality of "Algiers." Whereas other films that year were rather juvenile and went out of their way to appeal to the masses, "Algiers" was dark and mature, presenting a rather cynical view of life. Although (unfairly) forgotten today, "Algiers" in large part inspired 1942's "Casablanca," and I suspect that it helped Roman Polanski conceive "Chinatown." The Oscar-nominated Boyer plays a French criminal mastermind, Pepe, hiding out in the labyrinthine Casbah section of Algiers. The police attempt to apprehend him, but the police force is shot through with so much corruption that it isn't too difficult for a wily criminal to elude their grasp. But enter love. Hedy Lamarr plays Gaby, a woman vacationing in Algiers with a rich businessman to whom she is engaged but with whom she is not in love. When Gaby and Pepe meet, sparks fly. I won't reveal the dark ending, but let's just say that love and criminal plotting don't mix. "Algiers" is not a great film, but it has some very special elements. If it had been edited better and directed with a bit more force, it could have rivalled "Casablanca." Especially noteworthy is the dark, brooding cinematography which might have inspired Orson Welles, who at this time was beginning to dream up his landmark film "Citizen Kane." "Algiers" should be thought of as one of the early examples of film noir.

Lanky Man P (ag) wrote: Even before you this film, you know it won't be decent at all with Sherri Moon Zombie as a main character. When it's over, you'll still feel the same way.