The Murmuring

The Murmuring

At noon every Wednesday, women who used to be comfort ladies and their supporters demonstrated against the Japanese Government in an attempt to receive an official apology and compensation for damages against Korean women who had been held captive as sex slaves by the imperialist Japanese Army during World War II. Overcaming years of embarrassment and silence, the old women tell us their stories of the past. A house called 'Share' is the shared residence of six women with the same past. Learning Korean alphabet and drawing regardless of weather, they continue their hard lives to overcome the period of regret and pain.

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Frances H (nl) wrote: Poignent, deeply touching and inspiring story of two men's victory over inhumane treatment by the U.S. Penal System. Christian slater and Gary Oldman give good performances, but Kevin Bacon's is outstanding as the tortured Henry Young, who just wants to know friendship before he dies. What makes this film so relevant for today is that conditions in our prisons are still bad, even maybe as bad a Henry suffered(Guantanamo Bay comes to mind), but no trial such as Henry's has come into the public eye. Everyone should see this movie.

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Zachary C (jp) wrote: my favorite movie as young kid

Jacob B (kr) wrote: C+'Eddie and the Cruisers' works as a toe-tapping rock piece regarding good flashbacks involving the hard-at-work lead singer of the Cruisers named Eddie (Michael Pare). As a mystery, the film needs to put more focus on the story and Ellen Barkin's investigative reporter Maggie Foley. The performances in this movie also aren't great, but they're pretty decent.

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