The Music of Chance

The Music of Chance

Two men face the consequences of gambling after playing with men beyond their league.

Two men face the consequences of gambling after playing with men beyond their league. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jacob B (us) wrote: I could not stand each scene in 'A Haunted House 2'. None of the jokes/gags are even funny when compared to the first film.

Benjamin K (au) wrote: Very slow..doesn't go much into detail of the historical 228 incident.

Susanna M (ru) wrote: Sophie was a naive ass.

Andrea P (us) wrote: sweet movie but kinda clichs

SV G (es) wrote: Filmmaker Doug Block takes footage from his own family and forms a documentary about his parents after the unexpected death of his mother. Very close and insightful (and often uncomfortable) look at his parents, their relationship, how that wore on their children; as well as some revealing though sad information on his mother that was found in her many hundreds of journals she kept over the years. There was some discussion even in the documentary if she would have wanted that to come out; but if you write journals and hang onto them for decades knowing full well if you do that someone is going to find them someday? You want them found. I would suggest watching "Who Knew?" which is a short on the special features of the same disc after viewing the documentary to see the reactions of the various family members once the movie premiered. That is the icing on the cake. Enjoy.

Manon M (us) wrote: Wow. What a shit. But I was a Baywatch fan when I was a kid :-)

Bill B (nl) wrote: This movie is a wonderful blend of technology and maritime history. It chronicles the process of innovation and iteration to get to a goal. It draws a wonderful parallel between the inventor's supportive family life and the restorer's failing family life. The movie has so many incredible themes intertwined. This is right up there with my favorite picks.

M M (ca) wrote: thumbs up for the Stockholm syndrome! i love movies that deal with this <3

Ian F (de) wrote: Steg - is it really you?

Hamad S (mx) wrote: "I am Pholan Devi, sisterfucker, I am". Thus starts and ends this biopic about the life of a village girl who grows up to be India's most influential and inspiring woman for those oppressed by the caste-system and gender-based violence. Seema Biswas is impressive in her role as the famous 'bandit queen', especially in her portrayal of the anger and vengeance which erupted after years of suffering. If you cannot stomach rape scenes, violence and gendered injustice, this movie is for you - its happening and you need to be aware of it.

Rachael H (nl) wrote: Pretty good. Robert Leonard was so little and cute lol.

Brad Y (us) wrote: It certainly isn't anything we haven't seen before, but Hamburger Hill offers a look at the Vietnam War framed in the culture of the 60s and provides some good hill combat scenes.

Jason R (br) wrote: Most of the time Lemmon and Matthau equals fireworks and although this movie certainly is enjoyable Wilder doesn't really delivers. The overall plot was classic but some comical situations just didn't work for me. When Lemmon is found strapped to his chair in the bathroom by the maid her reaction is not very believable nor funny. The first part of the movie was good fun but when the action shifted to the clinic of Kinski's character it became a kakaphony. I thought Paula Prentiss, who portrayed Celia Clooney really did a bad job. Even Lemmon couldn't save the scenes where they both acted in. The sex jokes in the clinic and after fell way flat and were sometimes inappropriate. Also worth mentioning although seen only a couple of times during the course of the movie was the cop who had to change clothes with the witness. He ruined every joke he was part of, a really terrible performance. Overall it was the dynamic between Matthau and Lemmon that saved this movie. Kinski only had to act on automatic pilot.

Margaret K (au) wrote: Great movie about love, the Cheyenne and Crow...and a man reuniting with his family

Manny C (ag) wrote: Tommy wasn't the only high concept album The Who made. Four years after that classic came Quadrophenia, which in many ways, despite Tommy's status as something of a musical icon (there's a stage show now) is tighter, more musically rich and much more focused than its predecessor (it's actually my all time favorite album). And like Tommy, Quadrophenia spawned a feature film as well, released in 1979, and one that has been criminally under-rated and under-appreciated for years. Now it's finally getting its due in a fine Criterion edition DVD. This coming-of-age drama from director Franc Roddam is set in the early '60's and centers on Jimmy (Phil Daniels, a dead ringer for Pete Townshend), a self-made London mod decked out in natty clothes as he cruises on his Lambretta scooter. Along with his mates, they gobble up amphetamines and raise all-around hell whilst keeping a lookout for their sworn enemies, known as Rockers, who prefer motorcycles. The music isn't as prevalent to the film as it was in Tommy, but Roger Daltrey's throat-shredding track 'Love Reign O'er Me' does come up a lot. The show-stealer though is Sting, who looks the part of a veritable badass in a leather trenchcoat, playing charismatic Rocker Ace Face. It's a performance worthy of a rock star.

Jake A (nl) wrote: A decent enough car chase movie by the relatively young Ron Howard (also starring). It has all the usual from a movie of this type and for something made on a relatively low budget has plenty of really well done stunts, explosions and general destruction. All round fun but not much more.

CJ C (fr) wrote: Marx Bros last film together. Lotsa singin & dancin. Too funny.

Carson B (gb) wrote: This film is beautiful to look at and so much fun to watch. The quiet moments where characters are talking are the best part of the movie, much like the book, this movie is more about enriching the characters we already know and love. Even if sometimes the film feels rushed, Prisoner of Azkaban is one of the best Harry Potter films and the best book!

Evangelos C (es) wrote: Offering action and fun best described as 'guilty pleasure' (eye-rolling enjoyment), the "Dead Man's Chest" is the Caribbean Pirates' dive to the unholy realm of cheap (Disney) entertainment. Still, a few charismas separate it from it's totally unworthy Hollywood siblings.

Scott P (kr) wrote: I'm not entirely sure how The Transporter can get a quantifiable rating because no matter the grade, it wouldn't make any sense.I struggle to give it a bad rating. The movie was too much fun, Jason Statham was stunningly charismatic, the action scenes and martial arts fights were so much fun to watch, and it was legitimately enjoyable to watch.I can't reasonably give it a good grade either. Half the time the fun came from trying to figure out how things made any sense. How did she get into the car if she's still tied to the chair? How did the guy get on the side of the truck in that small timeframe when his car had no window to get him in a position to do that? Why is a man who lives a solitary life and likes it quiet conveniently have TWO scuba kits ready and waiting? And probably the biggest of all was what set off the entire sequence of events: the car bomb. That was just brain-meltingly dumb. They already have it ready to go to him before they even check the bag so he was set-up for it anyway, and if they had someone follow him to get a call to blow him up if it turns out he lied, why would they blow it up when he's not in the car? It was terrible, terrible, terrible.And I rightly can't give it an average grade because the movie was decidedly not average. There's absolutely no reason to give it a grade of average just because highs and lows cancel each other out. Even the lows were highs because they just made me question what the hell the writer was doing. But any movie that I want to watch again immediately after watching it can't be a bad movie.