The Mysterious Castle in the Carpathians

The Mysterious Castle in the Carpathians

In 1897, in a castle near the town of Werewolfville in the Carpithians, a slightly deranged Professor Orfanik experiments with his new inventions which include, even at this early date, television and a film camera. He is also an obsessed opera fan, keeps the body of his favorite diva preserved in a crypt in the castle. In order to keep away nosy visitors, the baron's mad-scientist assistant, invents all sorts of spooky phenomena in order to give the castle a creepy reputation.

In 1897, in a castle near the town of Werewolfville in the Carpithians, a slightly deranged Professor Orfanik experiments with his new inventions which include, even at this early date, television and a film camera. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Boris M (es) wrote: 1st review :D Isallgood :D

Zachary A (it) wrote: the film plays the stenographer for the particular breed of evangelicals who think Israel must be supported at all costs, because the second coming & armageddon must occur there. I would have liked to see an Errol-Morris style of shouted questions, mostly because that's what I was doing at the TV as I watched. succeeds at exposing the beliefs of people involved, but not neccessarily amusing or satisfying. we kept pausing it to look up additional information about the history of Israel, Islam, and Christianity. Jesus Camp was a better documentary in this vein.

Noah G (gb) wrote: Bruce Campbell goes where no one has gone before ... into "the eye of the tornado!"

Ville P (it) wrote: A father-son team (Scott Glenn and Brendan Fraser) are pimps in Sao Paolo. They find some drugs and it's up to kitchen boy (Mos Def) to make deal with the Africans. Not suprisingly things don't go according to plan and the son starts to act a little crazy. Excellent cast with Brendan giving very memorable performance as a hysteric, coke snorting lunatic. Nice cinematography from the dark streets of Sao Paolo. Still it's Brendan who gets most of the points, although Scott Glenn was pretty good too.

Mary K (ru) wrote: This movie was lacking in so many ways.

John C (kr) wrote: a fascinating film and a wonderful early performance from Clive owen

Janis M (ca) wrote: Som en riktigt bra 70-talsfilm. Paul Newman r som klippt och skuren och slutet r av allra bsta sort.

Spookie M (ag) wrote: First half is slow but stay with it and watch shatner fight tons of tarantulas!

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