The Mysterious Mr. Wong

The Mysterious Mr. Wong

Bela Lugosi stars as Mr. Wong, a "harmless" Chinatown shopkeeper by day and relentless blood-thirsty pursuer of the Twelve Coins of Confucius by night. With possession of the coins, Mr. Wong will be supreme ruler of the Chinese province of Keelat, and his evil destiny will be fulfilled. A killing spree follows in dark and dangerous Chinatown as Wong gets control of 11 of the 12 coins. Reporter Jason Barton Wallace Ford and his girl Peg are hot on his trail, but soon find themselves in serious trouble when they stumble onto Wong's headquarters.

Investigating a series of murders in Chinatown, wise-guy reporter Jason Barton is captured by the megalomaniacal Mr. Wong, desperately trying to complete his collection of the twelve gold ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cody C (gb) wrote: I'm a huge fan of the Dardennes but man I could not get into this one at all. This is beneath their ability. If this was a first film, I'd be like 'alright, not good, but I see promise'. But turning out something like this after a pretty much flawless track record? Ridiculous drop in quality.

Marc G (jp) wrote: A little strange but I was entertained.

Joshua W (es) wrote: Basically a short version of the Hangover with no comedy.

Weaam M (ca) wrote: one of my favorite movies! it's now on Dubai one! :))

Tasos L (es) wrote: They've got citizens on patrol!! That was ages man...

Kristin C (ag) wrote: watching "Witchboard" with Stewart...super 80's creepy. now i want a Ouija board!

Ryan V (us) wrote: As the title of this film suggests, Brother From Another Planet concerns a black extraterrestrial (Joe Morton) that crash lands in Harlem. Although mute, the alien possesses empathetic and healing abilities that quickly endear him to the locals. The movie does have an overarching storyline involving a pair of intergalactic bounty hunters that are pursuing our hero, but much of the running time is spent on vignettes where the alien interacts with various people. These encounters give the story a great deal of humanism and no small amount of socio-political observation. I wouldn't call Brother From Another Planet an outstanding masterwork, but it's an interesting art house production that should pique the interest of sci-fi buffs.

Paul E (mx) wrote: Completely brilliant, over 60 years old but holds up superbly, best film version of the classic story!!

Scott C (ru) wrote: Good cast, but just not that funny.