The Mystery of Mr. X

The Mystery of Mr. X

A sophisticated jewel thief tries to prove himself innocent of a string of cop murders.

There have been a spate of London police murders, the victims always killed by a long knife (which the police know is a sword cane), the murders always taking place in a deserted but ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Becky T (mx) wrote: Pretty suspenseful, with a great cast (though I would've preferred someone other than Michelle Rodriguez...)

Greg M (ag) wrote: Mighty Fine is driven by Chazz Palminteri's powerful performance as Joe Fine, the loving but troubled father who can't control his inner demons. Chazz fills the screen with a combination of vitality and menace as he drags his family literally kicking and screaming in his single-minded pursuit of his dream. Andie McDowell pulls off a new type of role for her, as Stella, a Holocaust survivor "rescued" by Joe but later uprooted from Brooklyn to New Orleans, along with the couple's two teenage daughters. The kids give affecting performances too, especially Jodelle Ferland as Natalie, the aspiring poet through whose eyes the story unfolds. Director Debbie Goodstein is sure-handed in her feature film debut, bringing her own script to believable life. You'll laugh and tremble with Stella and the girls as they careen along with Joe toward a shattering day of reckoning.

Todd U (nl) wrote: Delve into the rarefied world of one small parking lot in a college town.

Amy T (ru) wrote: Watched this movie just to see Gillian Anderson. Loved her character, the rest was pretty good. Minus the Amanda Seyfried parts.

Julien R (it) wrote: Un film qui n'assume pas son ide de dpart plutt audacieuse... On croit avoir affaire un anti-hros antipathique comme on en voit rarement dans le cinma populaire, mais non finalement tout le monde il est beau tout le monde il est gentil! Dommage...

Morris N (kr) wrote: I was stunned and delighted by this film Even-handed treatment of the fundamental human rights issues currently on the table in many countries in our world. The creator of this film no longer lives in her homeland, and the film was banned in Iran.

Adam W (mx) wrote: Very suprised to like this as it had a few danger signs before veiwing1# Its not in English2# Its directed by Mel Gibsonand 3# Its quite long.Despite this I loved this film, It is visually stunning the settings in the jungle to the long camera shots of the old city and the temples are brilliant. The make up, set designs all fantastic.The story is simple yet enough for the viewer to root for the good guy as the villains are trully evil leaving you in no doubt who you are cheering for.A satisfying watch.

Mark R (jp) wrote: Powerful and terrifying lives of children are portrayed in a stark and brutal documentary. It is provocative and inspiring at the same time - provoking a sense of responsibility for and connection to other people and inspiring a desire to make the world a better place.

vivek v (gb) wrote: dil is a movie like icecream want to see agian n agian....

Crtis W (ag) wrote: Kinda sloppy, and a little pointless.

Jessica H (de) wrote: Monroe plays her usual character,only now there are also some thrills.

Jens S (au) wrote: Oddly neutral and lifeless retelling of the events surrounding the Foxcatcher wrestling team of the 80s. The acting is top notch and takes the film through some slow parts, but its almost documentary style keeps the viewer at a distance to the characters and the events. Even the shocking and tragic ending keeps you somewhat unimpressed, but at least it gets you curious about the real persons and events behind this. The acting performances stand out.

Dean W (ru) wrote: I love this movie, a guilty pleasure. And that poster is to die for!

The Next Starfighter (ag) wrote: This is a great follow up to Blacula. This movie is missing one thing. A naked Pam Grier. I love Pam Grier, she's awesome!

Frank X (ru) wrote: Directed by Uwe Boll. Oh no, that's not true. But definitely looks, sounds and feels like an Uwe Boll movie. And it smells, although not offering any flavor or taste. Full of illogical absurdities, incomprehensible motivations and characters you cannot come to like or care for. I'd gladly like to save everybody's time on watching this, but if you step into the same trap that I did, it will be impossible. It begins like something that could become an at least average movie, but this never happens. Instead, for reasons unlikely beyond all imagination, a barely understandable amount of killing and alarm starts - and although I really wouldn't object to a good zombie or suspense horror movie: It wasn't even thrilling but got me so bored I started playing games on my cell phone. And thank god on Mars for that, since the end is blackness, in the most full-fledged way backslapping you into your face to just put extra emphasis on the fact that you utterly wasted your time by trying to watch this piece of whatever that doesn't deserve to be called movie at all.