The Naked Street

The Naked Street

A reporter follows the story of a gangster (Anthony Quinn), his sister (Anne Bancroft) and her small-time hoodlum husband (Farley Granger).

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:84 minutes
  • Release:1955
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   prison,   execution,  

A mobster (Quinn) springs a condemmed murderer (Grainger) because he got his sister (Bancroft) pregnant. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Felipe H (ca) wrote: Movie felt like it ended incomplete. It seemed to miss a well thought out plot as well. And it was painfully unentertaining.

Robert B (mx) wrote: I have to say this is a nice sci-fi mvovie. The plot is about a diferent world, but just like ours, were hgh -IQ people have another division based on frequencies: the high ones are lucky and ultra-intelligent, but without feelings. Low frequencies ones are intelligent too, but unlucky and have feelings. Will not do any spoilers but the ending and plot is ice, explaining the reason for that in the end. A nice change from the all CGI effects themes, with nice actings. 7,5 / 10

Rob A (mx) wrote: Kids 8 and under will like this movie, which is cute for their age. However, there is nothing in here for adults.

v9y j (br) wrote: A technically incompetent execution of a good story. Excellently acted by most of the cast. In fact Nandita looks way too dramatic in an ensemble of mostly natural actors (and non-actors).

Joel M (mx) wrote: Sometimes immortality sucks

Mia N (es) wrote: it is a rather pointless movie and it was really slow. i don't know how come it won some award.

Felipe S (au) wrote: The Iraq war from the perspective of Al Jazeera. Great documentary, highly recommended.

Sandy K (kr) wrote: When director Mike Nichols recently died, I noticed this title in his filmography. Since it has a stellar cast and I so enjoyed many of Nichols' other films (e.g., The Graduate, The Birdcage), I made the mistake of watching this one. Ick! The screenwriter must be a bitter cynic, because the entire film revolves around truly twisted notions of love and attraction, and all four main characters are pretty heartless and self-centered. I'm going to need a heavy dose of romantic comedies to put this one completely out of my mind.

Damien D (it) wrote: the serie was very good but the movie is violent and boring. look at the serie, one of the best japonese series.

WA B (au) wrote: Funny at times and even a bit interesting this film started out As a 4 star film then climbed down the mountain very slowly the ending was really bad and the story was not so good I get The deal with devil part but just leave it at that don't add Hopkins character to the story he is a favorite actor of mine but his part was quite unneeded Story C Acting C+ comedy C+

Vicky W (it) wrote: only a true madonna fan could genuinely dig this movie hehe

Col M (au) wrote: This was Jodie Foster when Jodie Foster was still Jodie Foster :O

Jess L (kr) wrote: Winner of the first best picture Oscar, this love triangle set against the first world war is simply stunning. The aerial scenes are quite amazing for 1927 and it wasn't long before I was completely sucked into this story.

Mikael B (ca) wrote: Interesting story most of the time but the movie never managed to rise above mediocre.

Wes S (ag) wrote: Hard to follow plot with bad make-up and silly plot elements. Poor uninteresting characters that make the film really hard to sit through. There are some interesting concepts, but for the most part the film lacks a good execution.