The Nanny

The Nanny

Ten-year-old Joey returns home from the special school he has attended since killing his baby sister. But at home he creates a terrible fuss, moving from the bedroom Nanny has prepared to one with a strong lock, refusing to eat anything Nanny cooks and adamant that Nanny shall not come near him. He even accuses Nanny of trying to kill him! Poor sweet, kindly Nanny, who single-handedly runs the Fane household? Obviously William is still highly disturbed and dangerous or is he?

Bette Davis stars as an English nanny whose sense of reality is clouded due to some deep dark secret in her past. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Nanny torrent reviews

Andree S (it) wrote: Worth to watch 3 times

Duncan K (fr) wrote: I probably would have fallen asleep, had the intolerable noise kept assaulting my ears. Action actually needs something called substance behind it to be entertaining.

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Evan L (de) wrote: great storyline. good twists. marisa tomei puts on a wonderful performance!

Harry B (nl) wrote: Just a retarded movie and not worth ever recognizing its existence.

Amna A (gb) wrote: it was a good movie...ash luked 22222 pretty

Niral G (mx) wrote: Ridiculous story. Don't waste your time.

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Terri W (fr) wrote: God I hated the lead female character. Like within 2 seconds flat. She was horrible. Everything about her sucked. I wanted to cry it was so bad. Gave up after 10 minutes.

Marcus W (es) wrote: A British family film about a boy with flatulence issues who wants to be an astronaut shouldn't have even been greenlit. Thankfully, it was and someone who saw the heart of the movie took control. The core of this film is about an outcast with a seemingly impossible dream who never gives up. It does slip in the middle where the plot goes off on an unnecessary tangent, but it pulls itself back together for the ending. A charming little film - but I have no idea why everyone dresses in green...

Jimmy B (ru) wrote: I think I saw this on TV... hilarious title, and the movie was actually pretty darn good. Not sure why... a dark romance?

Private U (jp) wrote: This movie is absolutely amazing. I really thing that its filmmaking at its absolute best. When I saw this movie in theaters, I was extremely impressed and always recommend it to people who want a great film.

Eliabeth N (fr) wrote: This film was such a sweet and light hearted story. Both Roger and Niven did a fantastic job, they had a sweet chemistry and great comic timing together, especially when they both 'produced' the baby's father (Niven in particular had me in hysterics during that scene), plus the baby was really cute. It was just the perfect film to cheer me up when I was feeling unwell.

bill s (kr) wrote: Starts out fine with the pent up anger but by the end the viewer feels exhausted.

Myriam K (ru) wrote: "did you f*** a catholic girl?" "f**** Jesus" etc etc etc nicely done Hollywood, thank you for your systematic offending too bad you didn't have a good movie to back it up because this movie was so so lame.

Diego A (ag) wrote: This movie seems like it's going to be great and then you see it and you feel kind of disappointed. Don't get me wrong, it's a good movie, but I think I expected more from Clint Eastwood. It feels slow too. I think it could have ended better or the relationship between the three characters could have been developed more.

Gretchen G (ag) wrote: Stupid. Unless you're into urban cycling. Then it's better.