The Nature of the Beast

The Nature of the Beast

Two men, both hiding a deadly secret, are on a murderous rampage through the desert.

Two men, both hiding a deadly secret, are on a murderous rampage through the desert. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nick D (jp) wrote: "The Institute," is a documentary by Spencer McCall that documents the story of an alternate reality game in San Francisco a few years ago in which some 10,000 people participated, a hoax-based story world that revolves around a kind of EST-like cult, the mystery of a missing girl, and a lot of real-world activities on the streets. While McCall can't replicate the experiences of those involved, we get a sense of the experience through interviews with many of those involved, including the creators, the participants (including a few who are mentally ill), and occasionally capturing scenes as they unfold. By the end, some viewers might themselves wonder what is "real" and what was manufactured for either the game or the film. I liked this because it reminded me that we don't really have any way to archive these time-limited experiments. Even those which are entirely digital may suddenly vanish with the fortunes of the companies housing the data.

Anthony I (us) wrote: A movie like this makes me proud of our men overseas. This is a really heartbreaking account of one man's demise for his own country at the hands of a ruthless war on terror. May Restrepo rest in peace, and may this picture serve as the greatest tribute of them all.

David S (gb) wrote: Anybody who claims this is a funny, gut wrenching comedy lied. I didn't laugh much at all during this film. A couple moments were funny but for the most part I had a straight face. Its your typical Seth Rogen comedy. Nothing special.

Barnaby G (kr) wrote: Read the book! And if you have, there is no point in watching this.

Dana S (ru) wrote: I totally get Ramona. My imagination worked the same way.

Michael L (au) wrote: at times, this was very uncomfortable simply by watching what our country has done for the better or worse. but overall, its a somber reminder of what the news has stop stopped covering and what it never covered in the first place

Sarah F (br) wrote: i would like to see this

aa j (mx) wrote: how can i see the movies?

Sergio C (de) wrote: What a terrible movie... no excuse for the laughable graphics in this day and age... Should be banned from the world.

Lane R (de) wrote: My wife said that since I made her watch Hosiers, I should see Wildcats, a combo of Hosiers and Dangerous Minds, but without the weird kiss between Barbara Hershey and Gene Hackman. This movie deals with sexism and girl power and also the white mans discomfort with everything. It also has a principal that just says, "right" a lot. In addition to these elements, it also includes the following: Wesley Snipes, Woody Harrelson, jack from MacGyver, divorce and child custody, teen drinking, relations, football helmets hiding weiners, racket ball, fat guys who gamble, mud and rain and running, fowl language, pocket watches, LL Cool J and the love of a mother.

Jamie J (gb) wrote: Really solid and fun action movie.rdj is absolutely amazing in this role, the action scenes are really awesome to look at. I can't really think of any real negatives about this movie hell of a way to kick off a billion dollar franchise.

Alexander Z (kr) wrote: File this under the small amount of police dramas where you may legitimately not see the twists coming. However, watching Keanu trying to play a street-smart antihero cop can at times be painful.

Allan C (es) wrote: I remember this film freaking me out when I watched it back in the day and after I watched it I remember it was the dream sequence where Tawny Kitaen gets her head cut off with an axe that freaked me out. However, watching this film now, it is an absolutely terrible film. The story revolves around a Kitaen, who you may remember from "The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik Yak" or her appearances in several Whitesnake videos, becoming obsessed with a Ouija board (but called a Witchboard in the title since Ouija is a trademarked name by Hasbro) and then eventually becomes controlled by evil spirits. The film is low budgets, horribly acted, not at all suspenseful and just dumb. There was one actor, who actually gives the only good performance, who I could not pace while re-watching this film and it was driving me crazy, but I eventually placed him as "Patch" from Days of Our Lives, which I keep up on since my wife is an avid watcher. Don't bother revisiting this horror film except for ironic purposes.

Alex C (au) wrote: You know what would be really scary? If Nicolas Cage was actually in a good movie... (shudder)