The Navigators

The Navigators

In South Yorkshire, a small group of railway maintenance men discover that because of privatization, their lives will never be the same. When the trusty British Rail sign is replaced by one reading East Midland Infrastructure, it is clear that there will be the inevitable winners and losers as downsizing and efficiency become the new buzzwords.

Five Yorkshiremen try to survive after the British Rail is bought out by a private company. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Olivier B (ru) wrote: Il manque un petit quelque chose au niveau des dfils, ceci dit, l'emphase est bien axe sur ses relations intimes et la psychologie gnrale du personnage.a demeure trs intressant et plaisant couter dans l'ensemble.

Huw G (es) wrote: The artist says at the beginning that you can't really talk about painting. Much of the film is on the process, with brief vignettes into his life, none giving significant depth. Nice, without being fascinating.

Milo N (jp) wrote: Emotionally complex, genuinely moving and relatable. Michelle Williams' great performance is well supported by the rest of the cast.

Evgenia L (fr) wrote: It is very good piece because it touches many issues without major drama going on at the same time it's entertaining and bright. It is like a story which just came from life.

Radek C (kr) wrote: Boooooring! It's time to vow not to watch costume films anymore. Didn't make it till the end.

Michael W (fr) wrote: More Fulci magic in this Italian giallo of outcast student exacting revenge on housemates after a cruel prank. A promising start never progresses far and includes some snail-paced action. Distributor ABC Video seems to have limited command of the English language.

Clintus M (fr) wrote: I first saw this film when it was released in 1984, was immediately captivated by it, and have re-visited it many times since then. Body Double may be my favorite DePalma film, even more so than Scarface since it blends different elements together so entertainingly. Body Double is of course a thriller, containing various Hitchcockian themes and devices for which DePalma has become famous. Its also a spoof of the porn industry, but it treats the porn business and B-movie slasher films in a refreshingly frank and candid manner. Its done with humor and without any moralizing, just another part of the business. Also, the LA locations, like the Tail O' the Pup hot dog stand and the futuristic Chemospehere house, not only lend the film authenticity, they really add to the memorable quality DePalma achieves.I enjoyed the performances of Craig Wasson, Dennis Franz, and others, but Body Double may be best remembered for Melanie Griffith's breakthrough role. She's sexy and totally hilarious. Her list of adult acting "restrictions" is one of the all-time greatest monologues. Wasson, who I liked in Ghost Story, is similar to DePalma's idol Hitchcock's hero in Vertigo Scotty (Jimmy Stewart). He is paralyzed by claustrophobia and "can't act." Wasson as Jake Scully is the perfect unpretentious "set-up witness." I can't fail to mention former Miss America Deborah Shelton as Gloria Revelle, one of the most beautiful women who ever graced the silver screen.There's a lurid fascination about this film. Its got sex, voyeurism, a power-drill murder, and the most palpable claustrophobia I've seen. You've also the Frankie-Goes-To-Hollywood "Relax" tie-in. It will harken you back to the glory days of MTV. All in all, its great tongue-in-cheek entertainment and, for my money, the most notable voyeur fantasy movie ever.

David B (jp) wrote: Two English children from Sydney are taken into the Outback for a picnic by their father who then goes mad and tries to shoot them. The oldest daughter runs away with the much younger brother and hides behind a rock while the father shoots himself in the head and the car blows up. The daughter sees this but the boy does not. They run away into the desert and find a water hole where they encounter an Aborigine boy about the same age as the girl. They take a series of adventures in this harsh landscape unable to communicate with each other, The boy helps them survive and falls for the English girl. A film full of symbolism and messages about colonialism and communication. The tragic ending is heartbreaking. Starring the beautiful and enigmatic Jenny Agutter in an amazingly frank performance. Unforgettably haunting.

Dave J (de) wrote: James can is given a second chance

Randy T (nl) wrote: Paul Newman is very Eastwood-esque in this classic '60's western that features Fredric March, Martin Balsam and Richard Boone.

Scott H (br) wrote: Entertaining at points, but it really doesn't develop the friendship between Murphy and Mikey, which is supposed to be the driving force for us caring about what happens. The love story is forced as well, and while it establishes an effective villain and a great supporting cast of cop characters, it all feels too routine and like a TV episode that's been done a thousand times before.

Faith M (ru) wrote: A success of a film that created an enjoyable and memorable experience. The subject matter could have easily been taking in a dark atmosphere but the comedic tone made it pleasantly unique.

Farah R (kr) wrote: Election brings something's intriguing to the comedy genre as it's humor is dark. Both Witherspoon and Broderick preformed wonderfully and kudos to the scriptwriter because that was one witty story.

Scot C (mx) wrote: This begs the question.. Why aren't safety needles used worldwide, especially throughout Africa where needles are reused all the time? & Chris Evans gives the performance of his career.

John Eric D (it) wrote: I thought this one had a different pacing of the previous RE films. Much better looking than the prequels. Though the idea is still dumb as ever. The only legit thing that is closest to the video game version, is that character named Claire. And everything is just way off. At least, they don't try to imitate the game anymore. And this Alice the main character, she has this improved telekinetic powers that can control everything like she's a super hero or something. Everything in here became over the top. Though the idea of a deserted land setting w/ zombies is pretty good to me. And the action scenes are way cooler. With shotgun shooting head shots, still silly fun. And Ali Larter as Claire, damn she's one hot actress. Still an enjoyable flick, and much better than its predecessor. If you happen to be one of those gamer geeks, just don't mind the film's comparison to the game, it doesn't matter anymore. Still a good action flick. 3/5

Citien P (ru) wrote: Great atmosphere, wonderful costumes and yet something was missing.