The Nevadan

The Nevadan

A mysterious stranger crosses paths with an outlaw bank robber and a greedy rancher.

A mysterious stranger crosses paths with an outlaw bank robber and a greedy rancher. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jamie C (us) wrote: A very good prequel with the original cast which makes a nice change in prequels, It was nice to see Michael Sheen back too, I enjoyed it just as much as the others, The action was very gory and entertaining, If you payed attention to the first two Underworld movies then you kind of know what is going to happen and when as literally the whole film is explained in Underworld 1 & 2 so it kind of takes the excitement out of some bits but it's still great and probably the best Underworld film to date.

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Manny M (ru) wrote: this is the earliest work I've seen of his to date, and to me it saids so much about his later films, everything seems tied together somehow. The is a visionary!

Andrew S (us) wrote: When a Parisian cosmetic surgeon gets violently confronted by a disgruntled patient, his sister gets caught in the crossfire and takes a bottle of acid in the face. The surgeon and his nurse embark on a quest to restore the sister's face, which mostly involves abducting beautiful women and hiring an infamous Nazi doctor to perform a face transplant. Meanwhile, a wealthy American businessman's daughter has gone missing in Paris, and a private eye is dispatched to find her. After quite a few years of making zero-budget erotica, cult auteur Jess Franco was finally given some real money to make this movie -- and it's a goldmine for connoisseurs of Euro sleaze. It's a remake of sorts of Franco's own The Diabolical Dr. Z (1965), which was itself a remake of sorts of Georges Franju's The Eyes Without a Face (1959); and when you combine Franco's delirious sensibility with some seriously tacky 80s sheen, Faceless is even more preposterous than the plot synopsis suggests. And let's not forget the once-in-a-lifetime cast: Helmut Berger, Austrian bad boy; Brigitte Lahaie, French porn star; Caroline Munro, Bond girl; Christopher Mitchum, wimpish son of Robert; Anton Diffring, everyone's favorite Nazi actor; and the one, the only, Telly Savalas. There's nothing else quite like it.

Tyson M (ru) wrote: Forever engraved into my childhood

ray r (ru) wrote: Its exactly what youd expect from a Im Charles Bronson Movie ... I liked it.

Adam M (br) wrote: This is my favorite Japanese science fiction movie of them all. Love that Nick Adams

John W (us) wrote: The fifth film in the Hellraiser series it's only loosely connected and works best as a stand alone. Nonetheless, it is one of the franchise's better films with a strong story, a good lead, and palpable sense of foreboding.

Sarah B (de) wrote: Book was fabulous; movie was horrid. Director, actors, actresses completely clueless about Japanese mannerisms, culture, etc. which was a critical and integral part of the story. Arrogant, over-confident buffoons made this movie.