The Neverending Story III

The Neverending Story III

A young boy must restore order when a group of bullies steal the magical book that acts as a portal between Earth and the imaginary world of Fantasia.

A young boy must restore order when a group of bullies steal the magical book that acts as a portal between Earth and the imaginary world of Fantasia. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Neverending Story III torrent reviews

Dean P (nl) wrote: good movie, very funny. The acting and the writing were very well done.

Scott R (it) wrote: An odd one with children being cowboys.

John H (ru) wrote: Good film on marriage. A bit darker and more hard edged that Burn's earlier films, but rang true, I though

Mago B (fr) wrote: En primer lugar: Desaprovecharon todo el potencial de su historia. De un momento a otro, la trama toma un viraje y de potencial terror, pasamos a una cuestin pisocolgica soporfera. En segundo lugar: Esta es una obra que a nivel directivo es una calamidad. La cmara no solo se agita hasta las nuseas, sino que los ambientes extremadamente oscuros y los exagerados y constantes planos PP, hacen casi imposible ver esta pelcula (literalmente no sabes que est pasando).

Beth D (ag) wrote: This was without a doubt the WORST movie I have ever seen!! AGONIZING to watch and over acted.

Joe T (ru) wrote: This film is long, and it doesnt have many happy moments. But its involving. And important.

Diana S (it) wrote: A funny flaming pile of crap.

charles s (au) wrote: This film is alot of fun, it sorta plays like a B- monster movie that you would see on the syfy channel, This film knows it's a bad film, and it doesn't take itself too seriously like most cheesy, poorly made sci-fi films. The film has many funny moments, and most of the time it focuses on piranha attacks rather than just annoying characters. This film is really a guilty pleasure for me, now, with that being said, I did feel like there where quite a few scenes that just felt like filler or, just were not needed in the film, but the piranha attacks, hammy acting, and sense of humor that this film has make it a fun ride. This can be an entertaining film, if you just set your expectations low, and expect a film thats so bad that it's good.

Simon D (us) wrote: The Sopranos done in the style of the League of Gentlemen. A totally bizarre and surreal film which goes from black humour to just plain weird. While the story is slightly lacking the endless drream-like scenes are captivating and totally original. You are always wondering what they are going to throw at you next.

Andy C (au) wrote: A little 'wooly' in places and could of been tightened up a little. Asia - brilliant as always but sadly a little under-used.

Brian M (it) wrote: A brilliantly funny and moving film about a day in the life of a Chicago cabbie during the Christmas season.

Kathleen H (nl) wrote: i really love this movie

Paul D (br) wrote: It's a bit sleazy, but it also delivers on the mystery and suspense! The ending is a bit laughable (and sometimes, so is the acting), but overall it does a decent job at being entertaining. Worth watching at least once...after the kids go to bed!

Aaron D (ca) wrote: The first Ice Age was great. What made it great were the original hilarious characters. Scrat and Sid are still hilarious and interesting but they are in drastic need of a better story. The story in these movies is getting old and boring. We also don't need to add 10 new characters each movie. The original cast is still the best. The addition of more slapstick is also getting old. Maybe its time to end this franchise.

Sanford R (nl) wrote: Not sure about this, looks freaky

Mark M (fr) wrote: Amazing film of the life of saint Jose Maria Escriva in a context with a twist

Logan M (jp) wrote: A severe case of too ambitious for its own good, but this inspired reworking of the classic Treasure Island has plenty of visual splendor.