The New Girlfriend

The New Girlfriend

In Australia, the executive Kate sees a young woman undressing her stolen dress in the swimming pool of a club, and regardless of the contrary opinion of her mate Phil, she decides to steal it back. Later her teenager son Matt is approached by the smalltime thief Rachel, the woman who stole the dress, and after spending some leisure time with her, they go to his middle class house. Sooner, Rachel's friend Nick joins them, and Nick ties Matt to his mother's bed while Rachel masturbates him and cleans him with his mother's dress. The abused boy has a trauma, and his mother seeks revenge against Rachel, who returns with her friends, in escalating forms of retaliation until a tragic conclusion.

A mother tracks down the woman responsible for her home being invaded and her son molested. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Janette I (ru) wrote: We watched this movie last night and had a good laugh! Wasn't it a tongue-in-cheek comedy? We enjoyed spotting the cast of what looked like approx 10-20 people and what looked like the one or two sites it was filmed at, the odd images of the dam and buildings exploding, and the weird way in which the flood waters gushed and flowed. And, as someone mentioned, the way the leading cast was driving through firey rain and hail (ice thrown onto the bonnet) and yet the bushland all around was completely unscarred. The oil rig was a good laugh too, but not sure why the two main cast there committed suicide by jumping off into the (what was supposed to be) firey sea and seemed to leave behind a bunch of guys hosing down what looked like a relatively safe rig?? And how on earth did they get a tanker, fill it with liquid nitrogen and out to sea, in such quick time to save the day??? There's loads more to say. :) Three stars for a good "tongue-in-cheek" laugh. J

Justin J (kr) wrote: Museum Hours may be too big for its own good. At times I thought this film had a cynical approach to life, seeing how death is foreboding these characters, the artwork's value is constantly being questioned, buildings dramatically downsize the characters appearance, the dead trees are showcased, and punk-looking teenagers swarm the streets. But it wasn't saying that. I was slightly misled. It seems to be more opportunistic in saying that perceptually, things can be beautiful, but may not be in actuality. But I'm still not entirely sure about what it's saying. I think my confusion comes from the lack of narrative. While I enjoyed the slow pacing, the editing as a whole is at fault. This film could have benefitted from being cut down into more cohesive scenes, and possibly trimming twenty minutes from the whole thing. Some scenes seemed inconsequential or redundant. This film needed to pick a theme and stick with it, not jump around so much between them. That being said, this is a really good-looking film. I took pleasure in reading every shot. I really liked the visual communication. It was very intellectually involving, maybe even too heady at times (again, due to the lack of cohesive story). I don't doubt that viewers will take something away from the film, but it's hard to know what that's supposed to be. I think there's more to it then reviewers are seeing. I thought it was existential at times, generation-criticizing at others, and I think these themes have some weight but don't hold up to the end. What people do seem to agree on is the theme that art has power over our perceptual experiences.

Sui G (kr) wrote: Weird movie. I was confused the whole entire time. I was like, "Is she really crazy?" *shrugs* It was all right.

Rachael H (ca) wrote: I only watched it because I was bored but it turned out to be an okay movie.

Sasha A (kr) wrote: Started off a bit slow, but then towards the middle, all the way to the end, was great

Trev B (br) wrote: Thought this would be better,

Chris H (gb) wrote: A solid blend of action and comedy that features some pretty cool action sequences. If you like Martial Arts films then you should definitely check this out.

Christopher S (br) wrote: Early effort from Mario Bava (with assistance from Franco Prosperi) is easily one of the strangest and best of the Italian sword and sandal epics. Despite its low-budget, Bava manages a surreal visual spectacle with some fun vintage special effects and his trademark atmospheric color photography. The plot is silly, but also fast-paced and full of memorably bizarre set pieces - a battle between Hercules and a gang of the undead is particularly impressive. Bava would go on to make much better films, but his visual style is firmly in place in this early effort.

(it) wrote: i can't understand why this movie is underrated.

Tatsuhito K (gb) wrote: It feels slightly dated in the VFX department, but still Men In Black is a perfectly satisfying sci-fi action comedy with moments of laughs and bams. Great action set pieces, wonderful practical effects, likable lead performances, and whimsical score by Danny Elfman make up for its flaws. It's pretty good fun.

Bobby E (nl) wrote: What else can I say but, "Roar."