The New Janitor

The New Janitor

The hero, a janitor played by Chaplin, is fired from work for accidentally knocking his bucket of water out the window and onto his boss the chief banker (Tandy). Meanwhile, one of the junior managers (Dillon) is being threatened with exposure by his bookie for gambling debts unpaid. Thus the manager decides to steal from the company.

Charlie is janitor for a firm the manager of which receives a threatening note about his gambling debts. He throws a bucket of water out the window which lands on his boss and costs him his... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jobin B (au) wrote: Great cinematography, songs and fights...watchable, though it does'nt offer much along the story line..

Anh Dao N (de) wrote: Rubbish but the vixen's beauty saves the film.

Mohammad Javad H (ca) wrote: Good movie...The story of the movie's good. Acting is also good. The Scenery of the movie is very good, specially fighting scenery.I like it.

Justin N (de) wrote: A meandering collection of footage from Iraq, following members of the US military through both their work and casual time, all narrated by a guy who sounds like a Batman-costumed Christian Bale.

Mike W (fr) wrote: Jerry Maguire is a wonderful sports agent. SHOW ME THE MONEY ??????!

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Shawn W (it) wrote: Risky ascent to the peak of K2 for a team of climbers. Two reach the top, no doubt an achievement, but I thought the celebration there couId have been a bit more subdued given the fact that one other team member died on the way and another was missing and could be reasonably assumed dead as well.

Sonoe N (jp) wrote: Young Gary Oldman!! He's very good!

James M (ca) wrote: Mildly amusing parody of classic westerns.

Mike L (nl) wrote: So ridiculously cheesy and over the top that it was hard to care about what happened to any of the characters. The only person with decent acting ability was Lacey and her dialogue was just so ridiculous that it was almost laughable to see her taking the role so seriously.

farah k (ag) wrote: prison break..wentworth miller(micheal scofield) domnic purcell(lincon burrows) my dreams

Joaqun S (kr) wrote: No de lo mejor de Allen, tiene mejores. Sin embargo como siempre tiene muy buenos momentos. Farrow est bastante bien.

Tom B (au) wrote: I found this to be a very unrewarding experience... It's sad, because the film seemed to have a lot potential during the first thirty minutes and then becomes nothing more than a 45-minute run in the dark from dogs, shadows, and off-screen mongoloids. The amount of original intellect put into the storyline couldn't fill up an eyedropper. All it has going for it is claustrophobic underground high def cinematography of real life Nazi tunnels (had to be filmed there, because the real Chernobyl is still radiated). Movie goers must have been really pissed off. Not only is half of the film a sprint to nowhere, but the ending is a stereotypical disaster. So bad, that it's not even predictable - nobody could expect such a bad ending for a mainstream horror.

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Ghong Y (jp) wrote: Everything I wanted in a movie, saw it twice in the weekend

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