The New Kids

The New Kids

A brother and sister arrive in a small town to help their relatives run an amusement park, and they find the town is terrorized by a local street gang.

A brother and sister arrive in a small town to help their relatives run an amusement park, and they find the town is terrorized by a local street gang. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt H (it) wrote: Interesting way of telling a familiar story, but the experimental nature of it fails for the most part. Suffers from being extremely dull in large parts, and is probably its greatest offense. Lea Seydoux gives a good performance, but it largely feels like she doesn't have much to work with. Historically, I find Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette pretty uninteresting as figures of history anyway, and the psuedo-documentary accomplishes what it sets out to do, but as I said in a tedious manner that indeed does feel life-like. Unfortunately that's the problem.

lhan (es) wrote: This movie contain sweet and funny movie scenes. Enjoyyy

Matthew M (gb) wrote: A retelling of lovecraft's life through interviews with some famous writters and directors. The whole thing is unfortunately very dry and empty in what it has to offer. You get a full retelling of his life while fan art related to the stories being talked about shown on screen. The ending of the movie touches on the immortal impact of the Cthulhu on pop culture but doesnt go deep into it at all.

Lisann J (fr) wrote: This was absolutely boring.

Rick Q (nl) wrote: i've come to expect a lot from a duplass brothers film. "the do-deca pentathlon" is incredibly well written and acted, and is even funnier than it is touching. it may be my least favorite from the directors catalog, but considering how great their films usually are, that's not really a negative thing here.

Gregory W (gb) wrote: proof that rom-com genre is not yet dead this movie is smart funny & features death prominetly. music was great and 2 me max minghella is the new shia, great chenmistry between the leads but the one who really deserves praise is joe mantegna in a charles laughton worthy performance.great black comedy.

Shaun B (es) wrote: Don't believe the rotten reviews, they're just looking for too much out of a film. It may not be the best film, but it is a cheesy comical film that had me laughing right the way through with it's stereotypical gay jokes and bitchy characters.

Ray J (it) wrote: This is the movie I most closely relate to. I feel there is a piece of myself in the lead character of Buddy.

Richie C (ru) wrote: cool flick not as good as the first :) still cool

Christopher E (au) wrote: Strangely compelling but ultimately disappointing.

Paul F (ca) wrote: A fun movie I grew up emulating with my brother and friends. Cheesy at times, but in context, a great, fun, butt-kicking kids adventure!

Bastien M (br) wrote: Des images magnifiques et un Depardieu tout simplement incroyable ne m'ont helas pas sauve d'un certain ennui. Est-ce parce que je ne me sens pas concerne par la crise de foi du personnage principal, ou que je n'ai pas lu l'oeuvre originale de Bernanos, ou qu'il y a un cote un peu trop theatral, toujours est-il que j'avoue avoir decroche quelque peu. Je devrais sans doute m'y replonger plus tard, quand j'aurai plus de maturite et de vecu, pour pleinement apprecie cette rencontre avec le diable en pleine campagne. En attendant, seduit par la forme, moins par le fond...

David B (ca) wrote: An exceptional visual experience with rich Technicolor detailing which is truly stunning. Douglas Sirk specialised in these gentle melodramas in the 1950s which although seeming dated now make pointed jabs at family realations, male dominated society and snobbish middle class attitudes about sexuality and the woman's place being in the home. This one in particular has a lot to say about sacrificing personal happiness to keep children and family happy. A widow ( Jane Wyman) is pursued by a couple of suitors who would offer her stability and more of what her husband provided her. She falls in love with the gardener (Rock Hudson) who is quite the opposite of her dead husband. Her children and friends protest and she dumps him. After her children leave for their own romance and life experience she then reflects on her actions and with the support of her family doctor returns to sort things out before events take a dramatic turn. As usual Sirk uses classical themes for his film and there is Brahms and Rachmaninov and piano themes. Check out Sirk's other films. These are American masterpieces before the blight of CGI and bland direction and art direction.