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Tracey P (ag) wrote: Not predictable. Not horror so much as a thriller.

Greg R (de) wrote: The only problem I can think of in this film is we don't see much of Jackson Pollock as a person more or less seeing him as a struggling painter, but it doesn't do it's job poorly. Aside from that, Pollock is a wonderful biopic and Ed Harris does a really good job playing the famous American painter.

Devlin T (ru) wrote: Not perfect by any means, but it is the best big screen introduction to the Eastern philosophy of Buddhism so far, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching this time and again. The best bits are the flashbacks to the Buddha's time - telling how Buddhism came to be through a children's book - I liked these scenes a lot. The modern bits involving Tibetan lamas looking for the reincarnation of their beloved teacher, not so much. Although the irony of a Chinese actor, Ying Ruocheng, taking on the role of a Tibetan lama, and doing it rather well, was not lost on me. One of Ying's lines went, "There is no empty room when the soul is full... ... you learn that in a prison cell!" and then he chuckles at himself, much like the way the Dalai Lama does. Wonder how well that line went with the Chinese authorities.

Irene M (nl) wrote: interesting documentary style movie. Still timely given recent current events

Connor R (us) wrote: Highly compelling thriller even with such a small budget.

Rawballs B (us) wrote: Courageous in such a way the 'Species' are daring, sexy, wearing lustful dresses and in the end the movie finished with slithering lasciviousness fulfillment...