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In the near future, a young journalist is blackmailed by a powerful government agency to spy on an underground nationalist group.

In the near future, a young journalist is blackmailed by a powerful government agency to spy on an underground nationalist group. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael D (mx) wrote: Bruce Dern plays an almost cameo small part as a memorable "Bad Guy" in this film, that powers the plot.

Jay B (it) wrote: Terribly unbelievable and unrealistic. Should have saved the $1.50 I spent renting it from redbox and bought a tall boy instead

Letia G (it) wrote: I never cared for Garden State, but this movie, I get.

Patrik J (mx) wrote: Typical. Bad acting, bad cgi, bad story.

Gregory W (es) wrote: way better than school of rock

Jarrin R (us) wrote: This was a very quirky film about a man's journey to find his son. There is no resolution in the end, which is kind of disappointing. Bill Murray does a good job as always though.

Ilja S (it) wrote: Much better than the 1998 american version, but again one of the cheesier ones, with a godzilla that looks good from distance, but really contrasts with the rest of the movies when seen in close up's or as a CGI monster whener he is moving in the background.

Walter M (kr) wrote: In "Running Out of Time," Chief Inspector Wong(Shiu Hung Hui) badly botches a hostage negotiation at a bank robbery, accidentally promising the robbers a helicopter they did not ask for. Luckily, he has Inspector Ho(Ching Wan Lau) around to help him out of this mess. But first Ho has to find a wheelbarrow large enough for his brass balls before going into the bank alone, which might also explain why he needs a little help to end the crisis. The next time Ho gets called off custodial duty, it is Cheung(Andy Lau) who takes a hostage at a financial center. Everything is not as it seems as unbeknowst to everybody else, Cheung only has a few weeks left to live. "Running Out of Time" is something of a mixed bag and a disappointment in wasting an intriguing setup on some weak comic relief. Otherwise, it is fun watching two charismatic characters playing cat and mouse, even with the plotting getting increasing murky as time goes on.

John M (de) wrote: Beautifully shot in what looks like a beautiful country, this horror-comedy has one foot in the past, paying tribute to old splatter movies like Peter Jackson's Dead Alive, and one foot in the present, obviously piggy-backing on the success of Shaun of the Dead.Whilst it obviously owes a lot to these films, Black Sheep is its own very witty, very campy creation. It's an unpretentious, uncomplicated delight, whose actors, and performances, are a cut above most of this type.Black Sheep, then, is a wonderfully dark, pleasingly witty pastiche of the zombie genre with enough gore to keep splatter-hounds interested and enough wit and intelligence to compete with other exponents of the genre.

Marcella S (br) wrote: Totally boring and anti-climactic.

Eric R (nl) wrote: Being huge horror film fan of films from the 70's and 80's it means I have an extensive list of horror films I want that have not made their way to DVD. One of these films is the 1983 seemingly forgotten slasher classic "Curtains". One day when marching through a store I found a quadruple feature for a measly $5 which contained a film called "Curtains" mixed with three other god awful looking modern horror flicks. Could it really be the original "Curtains"? The new cover artwork made it look like a crummy direct-to-video remake but sure enough, it was the one, the only "Curtains"! I quickly snagged it up and ran home to revisit a slasher film that I had not seen for years.Molded in the same vein as slashers like "Prom Night" and "My Bloody Valentine", "Curtains" is a 'who-dun-it' slasher in which the killer is not revealed until the final act. The film opens with a famous director (played by the late great John Vernon) taking his lead actress to a mental asylum to commit her. You see she is a method actor and wants the experience of being around mentally ill inmates to help her with her role. The director is a total dick and leavers her in the asylum. With the help of a friend she escapes when she finds out he is holding a casting call with five women for the role she was supposed to play. Suddenly the women are getting killed off one by one, but who's doing the killing? Movies are a cut-throat (sorry for the pun) business and all these people are willing to kill for the part!"Curtains" suffered from production problems that caused the release to be pushed back for three years. After shooting began in 1980 the production was halted for the director to be replaced, an actress to be replaced, and for some re-shoots. The final results of the film show none of the problems behind the camera. Some of the pacing is off but it still comes out a more solid than one might expect.The acting is also very good especially for a slasher film. Veteran actors John Vernon ("Animal House", "Killer Klowns from Outer Space") and Samantha Eggar ("The Brood", "The Exterminator") are wonderful like they always are. They really bring an aura of sophistication and class to this genre film. The rest of the cast of young, nimble women is also much better then stock shasher fodder.Slasher hounds may be disheartened by the lack of onscreen blood, gore and nudity but "Curtains" still has some well crafted suspense sequences, especially a stalk and slash when "hag masked" killer goes after an actress while ice skating. The "hag mask" that the killer wears may not be as iconic as, let's say, a hokey mask but it does the job and looks great on the original poster artwork.Though not a great horror flick and it does lack some of the excessive attractions such as blood and gore but it's definitely good slasher fare with a solid cast and suspense that deserves to be re-discovered by fans and perhaps someday better DVD release will emerge. The DVD release from Echo Bridge Entertainment is a watchable full screen VHS transfer that isn't terrible but definitely not good. Spoiled people who live and breathe high definition that refuse to watch rare movies with older format transfers will no doubt hate the release and all I have to say is "fuck off." It's better than having a VHS that could wear out at any moment and people who have never seen it finally have a chance to without resorting to paying high prices for a beat up ex-rental VHS. Perhaps Echo Bridge will eventually re-release the film with a better transfer. They did with "Prom Night" so anything is possible...

Jake P (es) wrote: Roy Ayers put it best in the theme song for Coffy, "Such a rare black pearl, in a great big world."

John Y (jp) wrote: This was everything that I grew up loving about old science fiction films. There are some scenes that you know were the inspirations for "Star Trek" and "Alien". There's very little character development, but that's the only downside.

Kyle B (us) wrote: Penn is a hit or miss actor with me and I would consider this a hit but not as much as his outstanding performance in Milk. At times it felt phony but the more emotional scenes really shine. Michelle Pfeiffer is outstanding as ever and Laura Dern gives a great performance

Melody S (us) wrote: Prince, will be missed.