The Night Affair

The Night Affair

Vallois, a vice inspector for the Paris police, takes special interest in the plight of drug-addicted Lucky (Najda Tiller), whom he considers to be more victim than criminal. Taking it upon himself to wean Lucky away from narcotics, Vallois also wins her love -- and, incidentally, smashes the dope ring responsible for her addiction

Albert Simoni possède une boite de nuit à Paris et vit entouré par une série d'amis : Blasco, Marquis, Lucky... Un soir il sort avec Lucky, une fille allemande, et il est tué avec trois ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hassam A (br) wrote: Brings nothing new to the romcom genre and the leads neither have the charisma nor chemistry to elevate this film to anything more than a forgettable addition to the genre.

Simpsons F (ru) wrote: That's 1hr and 27 minutes of my life that I will not get back.

Emily B (jp) wrote: One of those B-rated sci-fi movies which is perfect for when you don't want to watch anything with too heavy a plot. Silly, yet still great in it's own way.

Alex r (de) wrote: I really don't know why they keep making these trashy sequels to an already bad remake. Oh wait the money. Pulse has nothing going for it to make it truly interesting. The only thing that's going for it is how awful it can get. Well for the series this is an awful third entry with nothing interesting. The script is awful, the scares are cheap, with nothing creative about them, and the film looks very low budget. Of course straight to DVD titles will always suck, but on the rare occasion they'll be one that stands out as actually quite good, unfortunately, Pulse 3 doesn't do that whatsoever. This is a stupid franchise, and these sequels and remake included are pointless and an insult to the original work. They really should get a hint that these films suck. Hollywood should focus on quality, not quantity. These films are awful and have nothing creative about them. The actors are crap, the directing is awful and everything else is out of place. These films should've never been made in the first place. I really don't understand the point of making awful sequels to an already awful remake. Do yourself a favor, watch something other than this trash, I found it's more of the same than the first two films in this dreadful series and it doesn't pay off. Avoid it.

Intisar A (de) wrote: " Daikho gay tou khud pata chal jaiga" :o)

Chyrelle R (de) wrote: This is on my top 20 list of all time funniest movies!

Sylvester K (ca) wrote: By far one of the worst film ever, comparably worse than Manos. Really more of a comedy than a horror film, I started cringing 30 seconds. There were basically no script, the make up was horrible, I had to skip a lot of the unnecessary dialogues. Most of the dialogues were laughable, the scene were everyone rushed into the room was hilarious. There were so many plotholes, I lost track after about 10 of them were seen. Even if you enjoy Z movies, I still wouldn't recommend this one at all.

Arnaud L (fr) wrote: A pretty generic World War 2 commando film. The dream cast and the Asian context make it a bit more interesting than the average.

Ann M (us) wrote: First film i seen in the pictures when i was 7

Miguel C (ru) wrote: Great for what it was (a streamlined version of the long-running supernatural cult Soap Opera) with atmospheric scenery and decent acting. With the upcoming Tim Burton/Johnny Depp revival of the Collins Family saga, it's well worth a look.

Adam T (nl) wrote: Jessica Raine plays Verity Lambert in this nostalgic and warm-hearted film about the creation of Dr Who in the early '60s.

JeanMichel D (mx) wrote: Awesome documentary!!!! Documentaire gnial... ne pas manquer en ce moment pour ceux qui ont Canal+!

Dottie P (es) wrote: I'm not sure where the praises this film got are coming from. Personally, if the main character in a film is unredeemably unlikable, I have nothing to root for and can't recommend it. Despite a great performance from Gyllenhaal, I could never get behind the motives of his character.

intuciic (gb) wrote: nothing special, pointless story with unclear reason