The Night Crew

The Night Crew

The Night Crew follows a grizzled band of bounty hunters as they have to survive the night in a desert motel, and the entire place comes under siege by Aguilar's men. They soon realize that their fugitive, a mysterious Chinese woman, is much more than she lets on. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sunny L (es) wrote: This is one of the worst movie I have ever watched. Disappointed and shame on Jackie.

Troy K (kr) wrote: Nothing really stands out, I think I fell asleep in the middle, but it is watchable and some of the 3D is good.

Matt M (es) wrote: A gifted chocolate maker who suffers from incontrollable shyness and her chocolatier boss whose awkwardness threatens to drown his company fall in love. A witty and charming French romantic comedy that only occasionally gives into the clichs of the genre.

robert j (fr) wrote: - what at first glance seemed to be a raunchy romp comedy, quickly turns out to be more raunchy romp than comedy - skip this movie and leave it for the shalllow.

xniquet L (au) wrote: One thing's for sure here, the twisted world of art isn't that interesting anyways.

Tuncer (ru) wrote: Boyle bir film ne gordum ne duydum :) sinemada seyrettigimde sadece 2 kisiydik koca salonda. Sarkilara eslik ede ede tadini cikara cikara izledim :) Kimi yerinde gozum doldu ama her saniyesine degerdi.

Matthew G (mx) wrote: Weird, reminds me of grindhouse cinema for some reason. Surreal film.

Jason S (jp) wrote: A film that could be fun but it thinks it's way smarter than it is.

Jessica H (au) wrote: THe music takes away from the film.

Russell G (it) wrote: There is no fluff, and nothing fancy about this movie. It is just a simple mid-west town set in 1950s and the joy of basketball. Gene Hackman plays a perfect basketball coach. He is wise, stern, and filled with emotion. Several times I forgot I thought I was just watching a basketball coach act, rather than an actor playing a basketball coach. The movie goes a step beyond a typical underdog sports story with the personal redemption story of the coach. It is also a heartwarming redemption for the town drunk and controversial assistant coach, played by Dennis Hopper. The movie is so likable immerses the viewer in the nostalgia of a simpler time and small-town. It is overflowing with charm, and it is hard not to like this one, even if you do not like sports movies.

Jonathan R (it) wrote: Roy Scheider is great, as always, but this turns into a melodramatic 70's stinker in the last third.

Lone W (ru) wrote: i wouldnt say it was the best ever war movie i have ever seen or the best ever acting in a war movie i have ever seenthe mission was deadly as ever in a classic type of moviewhat didnt help the movie was the fact that in some of the fight scenes the did show the same scene a few times

Robert H (us) wrote: TOPAZ, based on a novel of the same name by Leon Uris, was Hitchcock's second (and final) foray into the Cold War, and is about a French agent who gets caught in between the Americans and the Russians. By this point in his career, Hitchcock was quite content to plagiarize himself, as a lot of elements in TOPAZ can be found in his other (better) films, but I did find this to be a slight improvement over his previous effort, TORN CURTAIN. Without the star power behind this as was in TORN CURTAIN, TOPAZ's story, as labyrinthine and convoluted as it is, is brought to the foreground. As always, Hitch's use of camera-work and editing to create suspense is as evident here as it is throughout most of his other work. The sequence which stood out the most to me was a prolonged, mostly silent scene in which a Martinique agent gains access to a hotel where he will get some documents important to the plot, all while his French contact watches from the other side of the street. There was also a just-before-death confession reminiscent of one in THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH, and an exquisitely filmed death scene in which a woman's purple dress fills most of the screen. Still, the plot this time was a bit unwieldy. As there weren't any stars in the film, there wasn't as much focus in the story as I would have liked. At first you think it will be about some Russian defectors, later American NATO agents, and then it settles on a French NATO agent who works on behalf of the Americans to get some information on Russian activities in Cuba. Although it will probably benefit from watching it a few more times, on first viewing it was a lot of take in and keep track of. Still, the complicatedness of it all allowed for some interesting double and triple-dealings. From an acting standpoint, I thought that most of the performances were rather wooden. Considering that this is perhaps the most talkative Hitchcock movie I've seen so far, it was a little difficult to watch in that regard. Still, it wasn't all bad. John Forsythe (THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY) had a supporting role as an American NATO agent, and he did fine. And even though badly miscast, John Vernon did alright for himself as Cuban Rico Parra. Switching composers again, Maurice Jarre provided the score, and while not in the same league as Bernard Herrmann (after all, who is?), his cues and main theme set the tone of the film quite nicely with some occasionally quirky touches. The title sequence, set over a Russian parade, also had a stirring martial quality that perfectly set the mood for the tense opening scene. Overall, I would say that TOPAZ has more immediate entertainment value than did TORN CURTAIN, although the plot is more complicated and the acting isn't as good. Still, TOPAZ is as eloquently produced as anything Hitchcock laid his hands on and provides enough thrills to balance out the long running time.

David S (jp) wrote: Most people think of Sergio Leone when they think of the Spaghetti Western, as they should; however, there was another Sergio who was just as great. Sergio Corbucc (who went on to direct the classics "Hired Gun" and "Django" [which if you haven't seen "Django" you need to remedy that situation]) was a master of the genre. Usually not able to grab the Hollywood talent that Leone was able to, Corbucci used the talent he had in very effective ways. That is definitely the case here.

Roni M (gb) wrote: Reynolds, Dom DeLuise and Jerry Reed always have an on screen chemistry that makes a movie work. That makes this cop comedy worth seeing. Dom DeLuise smoking weed scene is can a person not laugh when Dom is on a giggle-fit? Funny flick.

Daniel D (nl) wrote: Um doido que faz entregas de bicicleta recebe uma encomenda perigosa, pois um policial que est devendo tambm quer receber tal ticket que vale um grande dinheiro, nesta confuso ele desiste de entregar, mas depois que descobre que o dinheiro para levar o filho de uma mulher da china pros EUA ele recupera o envelope e faz a entrega a tempo.. muito bom o filme com timas cenas de ao.

Jei P (mx) wrote: life can slip under you in a blink of an eye, so pay attention to those you love!

Laura H (kr) wrote: Widely regarded as Vincent Price's best film and rightly so! So camp, so genius. And Diana Rigg does a better Marion Cotillard 'TDKR' death than Marion Cotillard.