The Night Holds Terror

The Night Holds Terror

A group of escaped convicts holds a household prisoner as the police close in.

A group of escaped convicts take over a suburban home to evade the ongoing police manhunt, making the lives of the family living there a nightmare. The longer the men stay there, the more ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg W (nl) wrote: "The Thieves" carves its own niche with moments of romance and stylish mayhem mixed with a more emotionally conflicted, winner-take-all sensibility than its American brethren.

(jp) wrote: i'm don't know.why that movie is good film.

Michael T (mx) wrote: Cheadle is outstanding even though the film itself loses steam.

Nathan B (ca) wrote: One of the worst films I have ever seen. Its title explains everything.

Kieran S (mx) wrote: I love this movie for all its quirks, faults and others. Such an interesting mix of characters! Plus, any movie with Tom Waits is a bonus. The Shoveler, Blue Raja, Spleen, Sphinx and Dr Heller are my favorite characters. Its a great anti-hero spoof and the characters are affable. A very enjoyable movie.

Jimmy P (ca) wrote: Very ineresting,funny and darkly violent film. Sad,strange, shocking.

Susann R (ru) wrote: It's a good movie about a 8-year old boy who kills his foster families and some more people in very raw ways.

Greg W (gb) wrote: kick-ass debut feature from the gr8 John Singleton

Tat T (us) wrote: Recently found this documentary in the extra materials on the dvd of Les Yeux Sans Visage, gotta admit that it is actually more interesting than the movie. It's basically a short documentary of a Parisian slaughterhouse depicting the workers there and the brutal fate of the animals. Camerawork and narration are spare and monotonous, that we are so detached from the slaughtering scenes, giving them an almost surrealistic quality. Highly recommended. A real gem for those who enjoy surrealist cinema. (Trailer in Flixster is totally the wrong one. You can find this film on youtube.)

Odin B (ag) wrote: I am SO pleased I saw this fantastic and hilarious movie! I have been getting so many things wrong. For example, I had this pretty ridiculous notion that abortion was a huge decision. You know that it was the decision about whether the foetus gets to live its life or not. I actually thought people took that seriously. Now I get it. It's about as morally tricky as picking your nose and people do it joking and kidding around and don't really care too much. In fact, for Donna it was kind of a family tradition. Thanks for that, guys. I stand corrected. Actually, with Trump wanting to restrict abortion to private clinics for his wealthy friends and now we've established it's nothing to stress about why don't Jenny Slate and Chris Evans deliberately conceive a baby in order to have it aborted as a political statement? Evans could emote on his Twitter about being in awe and truly grateful for the chance of creating new life and how he'll be present and in the moment when it's aborted and feeling the love as he sends it back to oblivion. Sssssshhhhh!Wow, I just had a GREAT idea!! They could make a comic mocumentary together about it? It could be financially worthwhile. What a cinematic coup! In the abortion scene Jenny could be having the abortion for real! A first! I can see it now - Jenny lying there making jokes about farts and Evans clutching his breast laughing so loudly you can hardly hear the hum of the suction pump. They could call it 'Not Another Outrageous Child For Us, Thank You.' Well, why ever not? According to this movie it's no big deal.

John P (de) wrote: This movie crashed and burned before it even left the runway. Don't waste your time on it.