The Night of the White Pants

The Night of the White Pants

The patriarch of a distinguished but crumbling Dallas family is forced to hit the town with his daughter's punk rock boyfriend.

The patriarch of a distinguished but crumbling Dallas family is forced to hit the town with his daughter's punk rock boyfriend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (es) wrote: While this film will not go down as one of the greats, I have to admit that I ended up laughing much more than I thought I would...even though I felt a little guilty for doing so afterwords.

Tatsuhito K (jp) wrote: A well-made documentary about one of the nicest and iconic actors of all time. I liked it a lot.

Simon M (gb) wrote: A classic French father-son melodrama set in the lush Bordeaux vineyards.

Steve P (gb) wrote: "Besides some bad jokes, cliche moments, and foreshadowing of help from something useless, this movie proves to be okay."

Kevin L (mx) wrote: A decent movie,not nearly as bad as the cover suggests. Yes I did watch it because Kristen Bell was in it and she really doesnt get that much screen time. Oh well, still enjoyable and I did like the main character, he was comical.

Terri H (br) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

Scott C (es) wrote: Wanted to be the next 'Young Guns', but it just didn't have the charm.

Claire Inayat W (kr) wrote: greatest movie, maybe ever.

Hayden L (ag) wrote: A classic. Alien vs. Predator owes alot to this movie.

Vince N (gb) wrote: "I give it a 10 a fucking 10!!"

Mark A (fr) wrote: An interesting concept and enjoyable movie if you go with it

Sam M (ru) wrote: Decent old movie, probably nostalgia is in favor as I wouldn't know how I'd feel about it if I saw it for the first time in the present.

Peter F (it) wrote: HBO AIDS-drama is an unnerving and often powerful look at the early years of the pandemic, carried by some truly irresistible performances. Adapting his own semi-autobiographical play, Larry Kramer takes viewers through the ugliness that surrounded homosexuality, as medical bigotry towards them proved fatal. Directed by Ryan Murphy (of Glee and American Horror Story fame), the film certainly resembles other recent AIDS-dramas (Dallas Buyers Club) in terms of production values and narrative, but it finds its strongest card through the acting. Mark Ruffalo and co. all deliver fully watchable performances, and communicate as pained and furious characters. Much more than just Emmy-foddder, The Normal Heart is of great importance socially.

Elliott L (ru) wrote: Australian films always seem to fall flat when it comes to dialogue and story. This wasn't actually bad at all. After suspending a bit of disbelief for some of the illogical choices the protagonist made. It actually did very well in developing the relationship between the protagonist and the young girl.

Scott J (br) wrote: This is probably the best movie I'll ever got out of a bargain bin. It's just about a few people in the Bronx in 1964, but it's pretty good. Foster and Turturro were amazing, and Robbins wasn't far behind. It's a good movie for a lazy Saturday afternoon.