The Night Visitor

The Night Visitor

An insane Swedish farmer escapes from an asylum to get revenge on his sister, her husband and others.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:106 minutes
  • Release:1971
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:escape,   prison,   revenge,  

A man named Salem escapes from an insane asylum where he was confined for an axe-murder. Falsely convicted under a plea of "guilty due to insanity", he does not plan to let his sister and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Night Visitor torrent reviews

Bernie F (ru) wrote: This movie had real potential but it failed miserably ! Don't know if it was Kristen or the writers Mini yawn lol

Fabs S (gb) wrote: pretty brutal and enjoyable

John A (ca) wrote: I've never added a movie review before but this movie was so bad I went out of my way to sign up and add a review. Do ANYTHING instead of watching this if you are older than 10.

Alex K (au) wrote: After Beta House I fort the American Pie series could only go up but God I was wrong. This film is by far one of the worst I have ever seen the biggest flop of the hole series. I fort they would continue with the cast from Beta House they had a solid 2 movies and they just left at that. This film doesn't deserve the name of the series, Beta House is by far the best of the lot and the same with the original trilogy.

Satoko H (au) wrote: This is a movie for people who LOVE horror films, people who know (and love) films like DELLAMORTE DELLAMORE, or LISA AND THE DEVIL , or SUSPIRIA. People who know that sometimes you have to get over a cheap bit of CGI or a bad special effect, maybe even a bit of bad acting, to find a truly fantastic, weird and quite absurd film that will blow your mind in a good way. In the first couple of minutes you would never guess what hell will be unleashed on your screen later on, as the film descends into madness. This is a relatively cheap film considering effects and acting in parts, it's privately financed but it's NOT direct to dvd trash. Unfortunately the German DVD is cut by over 2 minutes, so i can not recommend buying that one.

Private U (de) wrote: I have to admit not to be a fan of violent films, but this one is a success at the same moment on psychological, human and aesthetic plans. And I discovered Cornillac in an incredibly new register.

Benjamin F (ag) wrote: It's harmless and fun!

Ollie W (gb) wrote: Regarding other's complaints, I think it is fair enough to say that this film does follow closely with the original to the point where a couple of conversations are very similar.However, I don't consider that to be a major issue and either way, it is a very good film on its own.I did see this before the original (which I consider quite dated - so you could look at this as simply an updated version. Either way it isn't bad).Also, possibly due to the fact that this was one of the first horror films I saw, but I found this to be quite scary and creepy. Particularly if you haven't seen the original, I definitely think this is worth watching.

MariePier D (de) wrote: Ce film-l est voir cause de l'amour qui ressort du couple, je les trouve tellement beaux ensemble! Christian Slater, je l'aimais avant de voir la fin de ce film-l!

Private U (gb) wrote: I think this is one of the most unusual love stories on film. The dance scene is hilarious! They almost kill each other trying to prove they can do the steps. (grin)

Andy C (ag) wrote: Try watching it HIGH, man. Huh huh.

Mistress M (us) wrote: Bugger off it's my profile and I'm allowed to be greedy!!!

Gunpowder B (jp) wrote: Honest and uniquely satisfying.

Giorgos T (br) wrote: Nothing interesting here.