The Niklashausen Journey

The Niklashausen Journey

Can a small group of people start a proletarian revolution, asks the "Black Monk" in a leather jacket. The medieval shepherd, Hans Boehm, claims to have been called by the Virgin Mary to create a revolt against the church and the landowners. The "Black Monk" suggests that he would have more success if he dressed up Johanna and had her appear as the Virgin Mary.

Can a small group of people start a proletarian revolution, asks the "Black Monk" in a leather jacket. The medieval shepherd, Hans Boehm, claims to have been called by the Virgin Mary to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ola G (kr) wrote: Mary Bee Cuddy (Hilary Swank) is a 31-year-old spinster from New York, a former teacher who journeyed to the Midwest for more opportunity. She is an active member of the small farming community Loup City, Nebraska Territory, and has significant financial prospects and sizable land ownership. She seems strong and independent, but suffers from depression and isolation after being rejected by several potential husbands for being unattractive and overbearing. She makes dinner for and sings to her neighbor Bob Giffen (Evan Jones), but when she proposes, he turns her down and leaves to find a wife back east. After a harsh winter, three women from the community begin to show signs of mental instability due to the hardships they have faced. Arabella Sours (Grace Gummer) has lost three children to diphtheria, Theoline Belknapp (Miranda Otto) is forced to kill her own child after a poor harvest puts her family at risk of starvation, and Gro Svendsen (Sonja Richter), a Danish immigrant, is shown to be in a mutually abusive relationship with her husband and suffers a breakdown after her mother dies. Reverend Dowd (John Lithgow) calls upon one of their husbands to escort the women eastward to a church in Hebron, Iowa that cares for the mentally ill. Unsatisfied with any of the men's potential, Mary Bee volunteers for the task alone, and Dowd reluctantly agrees. While preparing for her journey, Cuddy encounters George Briggs (Tommy Lee Jones), a claim jumper, who is about to be lynched for stealing Bob Giffen's land while he is away. Briggs begs Cuddy for help. Scared to make the trip alone, she frees him in return for his help escorting the women. He immediately casts doubt on the job and insists he is free to abandon her at any time. Cuddy tells him that $300 is waiting for him at their destination as a way of persuading him to remain with her as they make the journey...Hilary Swank carries this movie on her shoulders while Tommy Lee Jones handle the direction and supporting role with a steady grip. I reckon this sort of role is just right up the alley for Swank and I am pretty certain it was her they had in mind when they casted the parts. However, Tommy Lee Jones role Briggs is maybe a bit too familiar grounds for him, as the grumpy old outlaw is something we have seen him do too many times lately. He has nevertheless succeeded in giving the supporting ensemble some serious star sprinkles as we see John Lithgow, James Spader, Meryl Streep and the cute Hailee Steinfeld adding layers and weight to the picture with lasting impressions as a result. The narrative is slowpaced, but yet vivid. The imagery is somewhat disturbing, the storyline is not for everyone and the cinematography with the muted colors becomes a vital part of the movie in so many ways. And I love the plot twist. Betsy Sharkey with the Los Angeles Times wrote: "Swank and Jones, in particular, are a very good odd couple, playing saint and sinner, sometimes reversing the roles. What the directing side of Jones does best is to cede the spotlight to his star. He builds a strong platform for Swank to take on yet another woman who refuses to be bound by gender conventions". "The Homesman" is strong, moving, emotional and thoughtworthy.

Leigh F (gb) wrote: Better than lots of big budget silly love stories.

Jocey D (ca) wrote: Starts out with an interesting premise but quickly becomes predictable and lame. No compelling surprises. It redeems itself a little in the end.

Sawyer R (es) wrote: Terrible-- Both stars are completely melodramatic in roles that are not fit for queens, or at least, 'Twits.'

Tracey c (br) wrote: The explosion of gruesome horror cinema in the wake of George Romero's Night of the Living Dead is explored in this serious documentary, which has a welcome respect for an easily derided genre....( read more ) A few academics make piquant observations (no film critics, although Robin Wood pioneered this line of thinking years ago), but mostly we hear from the filmmakers themselves: Romero, John Carpenter (on Halloween), Wes Craven (Last House on the Left), Tobe Hooper (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), and David Cronenberg (Shivers). The directors focus on those films, not their entire careers, which limits the scope of the movie. Juxtapositioning newsreel horrors with movie scenes introduces provocative ideas about where horror comes from, but also feels a little facile. Unexpected bonus: the enthusiasm of John Landis, in describing the out-of-kilter experience of watching these affronts to good taste, and suggesting why they thrill as well as scare us. --Robert Horton

Danifesto G (ca) wrote: Really violent. I liked it but didn't love it. Kind of slow in parts. Very well acted though!

Jaws N (it) wrote: The stupidest thing I've ever seen in my life. Usually I'd wax idiotic right along with the film sort of like I did with the first but this is... no, I'm done. Packin' it in, literally, screw the guys the made this damned movie.

Pamela M (jp) wrote: lol, Alec Baldwin's God Complex speech in the lawyer's board room is the best part of the movie! "But if you're looking for God, he was in operating room number two on November 17th, and he doesn't like to be second guessed." awesome....

Tiago C (gb) wrote: Woody Allen masterfully explores the threshold line that separates faith from reason, the sacred from the profane. Betrayal, murder, theft, envy, anger, greed etc. All sins are mixed in a whirlwind of ideas and real life lessons. Although simple aesthetically, Crimes and Misdemeanors can take a philosophy class and intelligence in just one hour and thirty minutes.

Mike B (ag) wrote: A terrific family film. Really fun adventure.

James H (nl) wrote: A very enjoyable and fun film, with a wonderful cast. Dick Powell is ideal in the lead and does a great job. Very good score. Short, sweet and fun. Creatively directed by Rene Clair. The clever plot kept me totally interested throughout.

Judge L (au) wrote: Great adaptation of a good book! Being a Red Sox fan since early '86 made this one even that much more enjoyable.