The Ninth Day

The Ninth Day

A drama loosely based on Jean Bernard's Nazi-era prison diary.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:98 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:German,French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dance,   dancer,   escape,  

A drama loosely based on Jean Bernard's Nazi-era prison diary. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher Y (mx) wrote: It's kinda dull. There's emotional drive there, but there aren't enough jokes there either. Not a whole lot happens.

Gimly M (fr) wrote: While it's definitely not good, Dead Hooker In A Trunk is still somewhat endearing. It feels like a good student film, and with a budget of only two and a half grand, that's more than understandable. I'm amazed that the movie was even as good as it was. But that's not saying a whole lot. And though I already knew going in that the Soska sisters stepped there game up moving forward, judging Dead Hooker solely on its own merits, it's a poorly-acted, grainy, hard to sit through, nonsense bit-piece that is watchable purely for the couple of chuckles it features. I don't regret having watched it, for sure, but I can't imagine I'll be returning to the movie for a second go around either.

Jayden C (kr) wrote: Left me thoroughly depressed and completely appalled. This eco-doco should be watched by everyone. Why are we so bent on self destruction? It gets a tad bit rhetorical but the point cannot be missed. We must take action now.

Daniel P (de) wrote: Compelling and compassionate film-making: visually sublime and, despite the occasional lull, an incredibly interesting and minimalistic documentary.

Wilan W (gb) wrote: interesting back story. a little suspense, gore, and horror. not enough of one or the other.

Amreen G (mx) wrote: gosh... a runied version of seriendipity

Semen A (mx) wrote: With a good sense of visual style and tangled mysterious plot "Stay" fails to deliver its surprises in the final act turning completely delirious.

W W (nl) wrote: Classic Italian film primer with Martin Scorsese.

Luis C (jp) wrote: No es una buena adaptacin. Mejor el libro.

Tyler R (ru) wrote: I wasn't as engaged with this one as I thought I'd be. I'd already seen the Lynch one.

Jessi t (gb) wrote: As soon as you see Jennifer Jason Leigh with a seeing-eye-dog you know that shit is going to get real dark real fast. One part "Wait Until Dark" two parts sleazy slasher, Eyes of a Stranger is a fun, dated watch.

Brian E (mx) wrote: If love is a drug, then Paul Verhoeven's 1973 'Turkish Delight' is grandly an overdose. It's a compassionate bravura which destroyed me upon viewing, with little resemblance to Verhoeven's American box office successes ('Robocop', 'Basic Instinct', 'Total Recall'... just to name a few). The film starts begins in a self-destructive platform, like a violent blast continued from the gun of Bertolucci's 'Last Tango in Paris' - a young, miserable, and naked Rutger Hauer in the body of a starving artist Eric Vonk, laying alone in an isolated, disintegrating studio apartment accompanied by a pig-sty and moldy, neglected foods. After a shockingly violent dream of brutally murdering the girl he loved, he recalls what brought him to this state; he recalls Olga - the young, wildly beautiful, wildly sexual and curious girl he fell in love with by chance - the one girl to satisfy his continuing lustful free-spirit. Hurtling the obstacles of real life - struggling to find money, struggling to keep Olga's hypochondriac thoughts away (she constantly thinks she's an heiress to cancer, as cancer played a role in claiming her father's life, as well as her mother's left breast), and Olga's parents who frankly despise Eric - they constantly resort to moments of wild, untamed sex, another ode to 'Last Tango in Paris'. Reality sets in with a heavy hand and a heavy price, as Olga begins to see past the sex, wanting something more material and more tangible in her love life, spiraling Eric downward fast, only to discover they really just needed the time to breathe. The film soon ends in tragedy, perhaps as one giant test to Eric, forcing him to shape up and mature further, rather than keep at his carefree, unrestrained behavior. 'Turkish Delight' is actually one of the most depressing, nihilistic depictions of romance ever filmed - I know so as my heart sank into my stomach when the ride was said and done. The continuity of timeless, space-less pillow talk played as a more explicit relative of Jean-Luc Godard's 'Breathless', but with less pop-culture worship. The odd sexual behavior, though considerably awkward and daringly personal, was more organic and realistic than most bedroom depictions - and carries the same beatnik torch passed by almost-forgotten European film poets as Andrzej Zulawski and Marco Ferreri concerning aimlessly daring love pursuit of violent, destructive youth, and a rude, yet justified rejection of the Bourgeois (though this film is far superior to anything I've seen from Zulawski or Ferreri). The performances from Rutger Hauer and Monique Van de Ven are just as daring as the film's subject matter - full of life and expression, and a rapid-fire sudden change of emotions. A love story can hold such devastating power - to where you may either find yourself multiplying your love for someone times ten, or disintegrate dangerously further in isolation and hatred for the potential opportunity of love. 'Turkish Delight' is the absolute bearer of this power.

Bjorn O (ag) wrote: Enligt den svenska filmtidningen Chaplin s innehller den hr filmen 2.857 skmt.

John R (mx) wrote: The worst of the last three horrors I've seen.

Simon D (au) wrote: Never judge a dvd by it's cover. I did and regret it. This is not a good film. The storyline is not too bad to be fair but the performances and the cliche warehouse/factory fight ending was bad. It's a werewolf movie where werewolfs fight amongst themselves. That's bad ones that go out and kill people against good ones, that strap themselves up at night so they can't, they just grow beards and struggle away all night every night.

Chris B (ru) wrote: The quintessential romantic comedy. The 2 main characters being destined to be together but spending the majority of the film apart. The performances from the 2 main actors are so powerful that the majority of scenes are just the 2 of them. Some classic scenes and many memorable lines.

Maoulido H (fr) wrote: sexyyyyyyyyy I like it