The Ninth Gate

The Ninth Gate

An all-expenses-paid international search for a rare copy of the book, 'The Nine Gates of the Shadow Kingdom' brings an unscrupulous book dealer deep into a world of murder, double-dealing and satanic worship.

Dean Corso (Johnny Depp) specializes in tracking down rare and exotic volumes for collectors. While seeking out the last two copies of a demon text, Dean gets drawn into a conspiracy with supernatural overtones. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Ninth Gate torrent reviews

Mohammed A (br) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Sandy B (jp) wrote: I give it 2 thumbs up very good movie

Jonathan S (ag) wrote: I made it 9 minutes and 41 seconds in before I tore it from the player. It got 10% because I admire the chutzpah that got them to unload this piece of crap on unsuspecting victims. Acting is stilted, sound is muddy, music is like a cheap 70s porn flick, and the anachronisms piled up faster than I could wince. Spare yourself the 75 minutes - I have a 10 minute rule: if after 10 minutes I don't like the movie, I can turn it off. I didn't even make that.

Kenneth E (ca) wrote: To call this terrible would be an understatement. I don't know if Robert Englund was even asked to reprise his role as Mayor Buckman, but if he was, he probably refused after reading the script. The acting sucked, and none of the actors could pronounce words correctly. It;s a funny movie to watch though but I wouldn't suggest it to anyone.

Ty U (br) wrote: The third star on this film is awarded solely because the concept was an interesting one, even if the execution was disappointing.Said concept involved the director gathering, and stringing together old film stock in various states of decay (hence the title). Age, misuse early on, accidents over the years, bad storage...all contribute to the at times severe damage of some of this obscure bits of film, ranging in age from the first years of cinema, up until World War II. This clips of mostly forgotten and unknown origin, (though two have since been identified) are strung together, their decay sometimes visually enhanced by CGI, and presented to the audience in slow motion, and the sound track of an orchestra that is literally out of tune.The theme, according to the interview included on the disk, was that everything dies. The whole piece is supposed to be a ghoulish experience...everything about it is supposed to bring to mind a rotten, or rottING corpse. (Or all that same would stand for.)It is for this reason I cannot give the film higher marks. First of all, despite my fascination with the notion of foundfilms being strung together, (I was attrracted to it by my love of all things obscure and forgotten), the piece becomes too immersed in the point it is trying to make.For starters, the out of tune orchestra, (played, as I said, quite literally on instruments that were out of tune) is not simply playing tunes in minor keys, which would have been enough. Not even macabre music. It is loud, jarring, and instead of musical moments throughout the piece, is presented in one long, oppressive, undulating wail of sound. Many reviews referred to it as a nightmare set to music, but it is in fact the music that makes it a nightmare. It was written first and the film added later, but why anyone would want to hear just this music is beyond me. And when coupled with the ancient film seems obnoxiously out of place.Of course, as I read more about the movie, that is what they say they were going for...horror, fear, nightmares...a jarring of the senses...all to scare us into accepting the notion that, like the once vibrant and life resembling moments captured on the celluloid samples so long ago, we too, and our whole existence, will eventually begin to deteriorate, fade, become unrecognizable noise, and utlimatley, just vanish, and in all likelihood be forgotten totally, as the actors and directors of most of the clips.I guess I am too introspective for all of that to be shocking, if unpleasent. My father died when i was 7 years old, and I suppose I don't need some kind of rude awakening to bring me in line with the notion that our earthly lives are temporary, or that one day my body will turn to dust. Yet I could easily have enjoyed something making that point...instead of trying to hasten my much thought about demise through the use of excruciating anti-music.Plus, my religious beliefs don;t match up with the allegedly horrifying notion that one day I will die and be nothing...people will pass on my stories, words and memories. I will not be known to the world perhaps, but I am more than a piece of rotting celluloid, and have no problem saying so.If the concept had not been presented with such a heavy hand, i still would have found the notion of enhancing some of the decay with CGI to be quite disruptive to the entire notion. Granted, it's not always there, but when it is there, I think it is pretty obvious when it is being done...and you long to see what the natural state of decay was for these long lost relics. (If the metaphor holds, does he advocate we hasten our own decay? Awkward way to make a point...CGI has no place in something professing to be this profoundly artsy.Still, some of the selected clips are fascinating to watch and to ponder over..who are these actors/people (there were some non-fiction clips, such as a real childbirth). Who directed? Where is it? was it a successful venture? How did it get forgotten? And the decay itself does sometimes provide a hypnotic, if not breathtaking visual experience.Worth it to see the old, mega-obscure clips, and to ponder the things I have mentioned. Just put in on mute every so often if you do not want a head ache.

Amber P (de) wrote: Very cheesy indeed. If you had a Bad Guy for Dummies book, I would have bet that every one of the stars read it, took notes, and acted it all out.But, despite that, and the Elvis costumes, I loved this movie and I'll watch it over and over.

Evan H (it) wrote: It has its moments but tries too hard to be funny. I liked the four main characters and how the actors portrayed them. The script was pretty unbalanced as was the editing. It's pretty inconsistent. I wish this movie wasn't as blatant as it was. When KISS finally shows up in the movie it's very brief!

Greg G (de) wrote: This movie is incredibly funny!

Ben S (ca) wrote: On of the funniest and smart black comedies of all time.A great character study with lots of wit and humor.This is true cinema!

Janika Maria B (br) wrote: Bruce Lee kicks butt. Literally.

Dinesh P (de) wrote: some good moments along with the message that being empty from inside is a bad thing makes this film a average film to watch. The problem is the very grasp of the story which is non existent .

JASON B (fr) wrote: Bill Murray's best movie. Scarlett Johanson's best movie. Sofia Copolla's best movie. Music is amazing too. 10/10

Bernice C (au) wrote: Love it, but my brother hates it...Funny!!