The Normal Heart

The Normal Heart

The story of the onset of the HIV-AIDS crisis in New York City in the early 1980s, taking an unflinching look at the nation's sexual politics as gay activists and their allies in the medical community fight to expose the truth about the burgeoning epidemic to a city and nation in denial.

Normal Heart was based on autobiographical drama of HIV / AIDS activist Larry Kramer. The film revolved around the increase and the crisis of the disease in New York during the period 1981 - 1984, through the eyes of writer Ned Weeks. Ned Weeks had a secret lover - who had to live and endure the ravages of AIDS daily. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Juli N (jp) wrote: Riveting, well crafted courtroom drama that doesn't disappoint!

Joel D (ag) wrote: looks awesome and sexy

Aseye A (de) wrote: It has Christopher Meloni in it, which was why I watched it! He did amazing!

Mark A (kr) wrote: This movie was eh. It drags on and drags on with a slight thrill too it, but the twist at the end is pretty great. If you have the chance to watch it free go for it, but dont buy it.

Donna L (ru) wrote: Defiantly not for the squeamish. Lots of gore and torture. The story was so-so.

Frederick M (br) wrote: Why anyone would stay a Catholic after being raped by a priest is beyond me. This is an interesting documentary overall but I had to laugh when someone suggested that the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic church was their first "evil" offense.

Ruthie (gb) wrote: didnt see it but iam sure it was good

Till S (au) wrote: I loved watching "Bold" growing up, and I still love it today.

Nathan M (fr) wrote: That fat kid wins the award for most annoying character in a horror movie ever.

Gianluca S (de) wrote: Carino, molto ingenuo, poco originale, ma ti prende e ti affascina.

Panta O (ru) wrote: As a kid and a teenager I can't even try to guess how many comics with Diabolik and Barbarella I read, but I can tell you, for sure, that I enjoyed every single one of them! And when I found out that this Mario Bava film was based on my favourite Italian comic character Diabolik I was in the cinema immediately with all of my pimpled friends. It left a huge impact on me at the time... And after so many years trying to find it on DVD, I finally did it! I have to say that the story of a skilled thief (played by John Phillip Law) living out of a ritzy hideout who steals incredible riches from the imaginary country government was still catching my attention while watching how Diabolik takes $10 million in cash, a highly prized set of emeralds, and an enormous gold ingot. Eva Kant was played by Marisa Mell, while police inspector Ginko was Michel Piccoli and their acting for today's standards wasn't exceptional. But, everyone at the time agreed that A Dino De Laurentiis production made another sexy cult movie (Barbarella, which also featured Law is still one of my favourite ones)! Everything was so different at the time in this movie: story, set, characters, music (the song Deep, Deep, Down was sung by "Christie" which was later voted number three in the best sound tracks ever though it had not been released in any form)... For the comic fans the beauty was that the movie was fairly faithful to the original, having Diabolik drive his black jaguar sports car and Eva drive her white one. The violence in the comics had to be toned down for the film and when it was finally shown in England in late 1969, it had 17 minutes cut from it. One of Diabolik's trademarks was his knife throwing but this was only done twice in the film, when he was after the necklace. The film budget came in at under $500,000, mainly thanks to the very skillful use of camera tricks by Mario Bava like under cranking (so making things look like they are moving faster), many matte paintings and cut-out pictures (to show buildings, the inside of the hide out and other things which did not exist) as well as front projection (which made it look like the stars were in speeding vehicles, etc.). If you want to see a movie which is a part of the film history, like a good action, try around 100 minutes of pure fantasy and fun! You won't regret!

Jacob G (ru) wrote: Jim Carey is hilarious this movie had me constantly laughing

Bob H (ru) wrote: A fun original were the creature grabs the lady and runs

Mohammed A (jp) wrote: Not a good movie to watch

Liam C (br) wrote: John Woo is the only one who seems to do Cage as an action hero correctly. The action was perfect and the story was by the numbers but it had moments of silence and character development, one problem most see is that it hardly talks about the Navajo, this wasn't true until about half way through, it seemed to be more about Joe Ender and the Navajo slipped to the side, they were there and they still did things but they could have done more and I'm sure they did in the real war. It was an emotional story and packed with eye popping visuals. Not the best War story, but I'm sure there are much more offensive war depictions out there.

Byron B (mx) wrote: This was a fun midnight movie experience, but I'm also shocked at the level of madness it took to make this movie happen. When I first saw the trailer in the spring of 2015 about this film that never showed theatrically in the U.S. with its stats about no animals being harmed but dozens of cast and crew members receiving serious injuries, I was confused whether it was a narrative or a documentary about the making of this dangerous film. Mainly because of director/writer/producer/father Noel Marshall's appearance it appears to be a lost film from the 60s hippie culture period. Raising and "training" the wild lions may have taken quite a bit of time, but ultimately the flick was made as recently as 1981. I was intrigued to see all the big cats on screen (many of which do not naturally live together on the same continents), and, in fact, the wild animals from an elephant, to birds, to all the big cats are given writing credit for this tale. That got a big laugh from the audience, but it makes sense since there is no way to make so many animals play by human rules. Noel's wife, Tippi Hedren, put herself in another situation even more risky than working for Hitchcock in The Birds. Their three real life children are along for the ride as well. The silly plot involves Noel's character Hank building a new wildlife preserve in Africa where his family can live in peace, love, and harmony with the big cuddly beasts roaming freely around. His wife and three grown kids arrive at the airport and ride to the new house with no idea that they are expected to commune with dozens of carnivores. Meanwhile, Hank makes goofy, accident-prone trips to the airport and back to the house looking for his family. There's an African park ranger who works for Hank and his expressions are priceless throughout, especially when Hank eventually connects with his family and inconceivably tells them that everything is perfectly safe. There are subplots with two lions fighting for dominance, as well as big game hunters who don't like Hank's plan cruelly trying to kill as many of the big cats as they can find. This is a movie that will stick with me for its amazing visuals and for being funny for all the wrong reasons.

Ashley C (us) wrote: I've only seen "The Bishop of Battle", but it should probably be shown as some sort of anti-video-game, pro-socializing-and-going-outside film in schools.