The Normals

The Normals

With a debt collector hot on his trail, Harvard graduate Billy Schine enrolls in a clinical drug trial to make a quick buck. Carted out of New York City in a shuttle full of oddball characters, Billy and the rest of the guinea pigs, affectionately referred to as "Normals," camp out at hidden research facility. When not popping pills, being tagged, drained of blood, prodded, poked and color-coded, they are telling horror stories of previous tests or generally getting on each other's nerves. As the test drags on, just being there starts to take its toll, and tensions build until the dam finally bursts. Billy realizes that there is no such thing as "normal."

Wallowing in debt, Billy enrolls in a clinical drug trial to make a quick buck. Why not? Carted out of NYC on a bus full of oddballs, he and the rest of the "Normals," are tagged, prodded ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gianfranco M (jp) wrote: Zombie, personaggi improbabili, lapdancer poppute, serial killer mascherati da clown, citazioni da Mad Max, Resident Evil, Non aprite quella porta, e Danny Trejo prete che affronta con un'ascia il Tyrant (!!!) Un "grindhouse" trash per passare un'oretta e mezzo di divertimento. Il finale delirante, ma lo pure tutto il film. Divertente!

Jireh A (nl) wrote: Honestly, it is heartwarming and funny! It easy to makes children but it is hard to become a father.

Carissa A (fr) wrote: This surreal coming of age mystery is a clunky mess.

Tess M (gb) wrote: picked this one up at the dvd store and thought hey Rebel Wilson is in it so i got to see it, packed with laugher and i loved it, so did my husband. a lot of awesome photography view of the movie too,

Rick Q (ag) wrote: TiMER has a very interesting premise, but the execution is not up to par with what it could have been. The characters were mostly boring with the exception of a few random burts of good humor, and ultimately I didn't care how the movie ended.

Kevin W (ru) wrote: Hey, you know those Hollywood films where two misfits hook and they're like, totally made for each other and don't care remotely what "society" thinks? Yeah, well 'Blue Eyelids' isn't like that. Two strangers, who kind of vaguely knew each other at school, are drawn to each other by circumstances and desperation, not because of attraction or passion. Contreras cuts between Marina and Victor's lives, both equally lonely and withdrawn, yet when they're together, nothing changes. Their dates are notable for their constant awkwardness and uncomfortable silences. You want to see some really uncomfortable sex and ahem, self-pleasure scenes? You do? OK, rent this on Lovefilm in a few months. Seriously, its rejection of clichs and overall atmosphere of genuine empathy with Marina and Victor is refreshing and it shows that love just doesn't come easily or naturally for some, but it's a little hard-going at times and you're bound to squirm in your seat in embarrassment quite often.

jen k (fr) wrote: I like the whole revenge thing

MAB H (nl) wrote: wow.The best bachelor party movie

Private U (es) wrote: Worth watching just to see Maggie Smith!

Lo L (ca) wrote: What a fucked up movie. To me though, it was amazing. I absolutely loved it. You cannot beat the dialogue in this movie. It's all so incredible. Sean Penn is so absolutely unbelievable. He plays the cracked out fuck up extremely well. Kevin Spacey was also amazing as usual, being a kind of womanizing drug addict himself. Everyone in this movie is fucked up, but just hearing the dialogue is genius and pulls this movie off. Loved it.

Michael R (de) wrote: what a great idea for a film & one of Jim Carrey great films

Atheer O (kr) wrote: I just don't like this kind of blend but this movie should take credit for being the first one to try it. Robert Zemeciks is a director who always dare to step into an unknown territories. He was also the first to use motion capture in movies in "The Polar Express". And lately he recreated New York city his 3D feature "The Walk".This movie had some good ideas and interaction between its characters but the framework in which everything occurs is simply inappropriate. It should be a family-friendly movie as it contained animation and would be viewed by younger audience no matter what the rating was but the story contained implication of sex, consuming alcohol and smoking cigarettes. Not to mention the detective/ murder story line in which it was wrapped with. Jessica was a character created to diminish females and sexualize their bodies. Not even suitable to be viewed by adults for instance. I really do not understand how such a movie could simply get an PG rating unless there is a preconceived plan to create a horny, ill mannered new generation.

The N (au) wrote: mucho mejor que la 2 y la 3

Berni E (de) wrote: I used to hate Quentin Tarantino - I didn't get him. Now I do. Many people describe Jackie Brown as a masterpiece and I agree!

Lexie T (mx) wrote: Took me a while to get into this and then it was over - not much going for it. Could watch it if there was no other choices.