The Notorious Landlady

The Notorious Landlady

An American junior diplomat in London rents a house from, and falls in love with, a woman suspected of murder.

An American junior diplomat in London rents a house from, and falls in love with, a woman suspected of murder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ron C (gb) wrote: Saw at art house when Seth was working

Victor H (es) wrote: No muito inovador, mas poderoso e se destaca em meio aos atuais filmes de terror.

Robbie N (nl) wrote: A sweet family comedy full of heart and comedy. For some, the sappiness this movie produces is a fault, but I disagree. The heartfelt scenes are where they belong, and aside being a little less humorous than others and a little predictable, this movie delivers laughs and sorrow. Plus, great chemistry between two excellent performances.

Glenn M (it) wrote: Passed the time! Nothing to shout about

Spencer H (kr) wrote: Probably one of the greatest animations of all time, Mulan is well made and beautifully animated.

Jacob B (jp) wrote: While its runtime has been accused of being too long by some, Fast Five manages to be a remarkable improvement over its 4 predecessors (not that means the films were very awful). The action sequences are amazing, the performances (especially from The Rock) are great and we should give kudos to Universal Pictures for their successful experiment to get the franchise to appeal to a wider audience (i.e. departing from street racing and becoming a film which combines elements of a heist film and an action film with cars). Also, the film has a couple of humourous moments as well so that the film never feels dark and gloomy.

Kal X A (jp) wrote: A surprisingly decent indie film revolving around different-age relationships, career second-guessing, and literature, lots of literature. However I still can't stop seeing that there's so much of Radnor's previous role of Ted Mosby in Jesse Fischer. Aside from Radnor sort of typecasting himself in his own feature film, Liberal Arts is also a medium for Elizabeth Reaser to prove wonderfully that she can actually act and that she wasn't just that vampire stepmother from Twilight.

John M (de) wrote: One of my favourite films, light hearted, great graphics, location shots of Chicago are excellent, characterisations excel. Makes me feel good.

Kal X A (gb) wrote: Underworld is one of those select few films which received a less than favourable reception at it's initial release, but has gone on to remain a favourite of the dark vampire genre for the past decade. Why, you might ask? Because in the intervening decade, there has been enough bullshit released on celluloid, dvd and blu-ray to prove the initial naysayers direly wrong about their initial thoughts on the movie.In comparison to the derivative and horridly one dimensional quote-unquote vampire films which have come out in the intervening period, Underworld still seems fresh and interesting after thirteen years of finalized existence; as a film it's held up well, and the story is still interesting and grim enough to be taken seriously by the serious horror / action enthusiasts. Vampires and Lycans are both presented as a serious races who live and exist purely in nights and shadows. There is no sparkling in the sun, there is no Vampire Slayers (although that was an interesting idea in the 90s and still holds up on it's own), and there is no overtly campy love story, instead Michael and Selene are both presented right away as adults in a very mature world. At the end of the day, it's a film about vampires done well, although I can't say the same about every sequel of the franchise