The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker is Mikhail Baryshnikov's breathtaking and critcally acclaimed Emmy nominated production. The thisspectacular performance is danced by the magnificent team of Baryshnikov, one of the greatest classical dancers of the century, and Gelsey Kirkland, both chowcased at the peak of the their careers, with members of the American Ballet Theatre.

The television adaptation of the Baryshnikov production. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jesse F (mx) wrote: Ok I get that the direct-to-video sequels were unnecessary, but at least the three before this were dumb, funny and entertaining. The Book Of Love is the opposite of everything the other direct sequels were. Without a doubt, the worst film in the entire series.

Stef (de) wrote: Sometimes I add movies to my To Watch list but don't get around to actually watching them until months or even years later, at which time I am horribly confused as to why on earth I wanted to watch them in the first place. This is one of those movies. I am twenty minutes in, and I am confused and unamused and bored out of my mind. My Twenty Minute Rule has gone into effect! Because after reading the plot synopsis on Wikipedia there's no way I'm sticking around for another hour. Pay out just ain't worth it.

David L (it) wrote: I always thought La Vie En Rose was better rendered by others after Piaf, but enough about my prejudices. This is a biopic about an entertainer who knew she was born to entertain the world, and Marion Cotillard is hauntingly close to the original, her quirky ways, and her voice and those touching moments earlier in her life that resulted, I think, in her substance abuse later and a tragic figure. But we love la mome piaf and all the emotions she evokes.

Scott G (jp) wrote: I'm a fan of the surf documentary genre. This movie is great, explaining the goal - using modern technology to predict where the big waves will strike and showing up to ride them.There are some really great sequences!It's great to watch because you can set it aside for a little while and get right back into it.

Jeff B (nl) wrote: Very good Victorian England film about a naturalist who comes to live with a rich British family and marries the eldest daughter. While adjusting to the lifestyle, he entertains the family with his knowledge of insects. Describing the film makes it sound very dull, but it's actually a good film with excellent performances. The sets and costumes and pretty awesome, especially the first dance sequence, some very memorable costumes. And Kristin Scott Thomas is amazing as one of the extended members of the family who takes interest in the insects, I wish she was in it more. Nice film, I'm glad I saw it.

Alexander C (br) wrote: Worth finding and watching!

Brad G (es) wrote: After a brief getaway, the franchise returns to where it the Police Academy. And the graduates from the first film are now the instructors of the third; Lassard's school going up against Mauser's school with The Gute committing eyebrow hijinks and Jones mastering the powers of levitation via mysterious kung fu. If it wasn't already, the franchise is completely kids stuff by this point and the only way to find entertainment is to tap into that nonsensical, idiot seven year old within. If you still have that ability, enjoy. VF.

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bernard a (it) wrote: FLYING DOWN TO RIO is kooky and downright silly at times but I can't help but love this flick. It always manages to put a smile on my face every time I watch it. It really doesn't pretend to be anything more than the 30's escapist entertainment that it is - something to help keep the audience's mind away from The Great Depression - if only for a moment. But there is also a significant cultural footnote that we can attribute to this film though - we can credit FLYING DOWN TO RIO for introducing the world to the dance team of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. Ginger Rogers usually was relegated to second tier actress roles prior to and including this film, but I always thought she had such a tremendous screen presence that she usually out-shined the higher billed actresses. Although Dolores Del Rio gets top billing here, it's Ginger Rogers who will make the bigger impression on the viewer. She also gets to sing a number early in the film wearing a very slinky outfit. It's one of my favorite tunes from the 30's. It's the same with Fred Astaire. His role is secondary to Gene Raymond's...but it will be Astaire's fancy footwork that viewers will remember. Really, Fred & Ginger only dances to one number here and it's relatively a short scene and played somewhat for laughs. "We'll show them a thing or three..." says Rogers as she gets up to dance with Fred...and boy, do they sizzle on the dance floor. Compare that dance to Fred's dance with Del Rio later - and, well there really is no comparison. There is only a semblance of a plot here. Roger Bond (Gene Raymond) is a band-leader who always seems to have a hard time getting steady work for his band. He's either flirting with his female audience members...or he's always late for work cause he spends a lot of time flying around in his plane. He has a piano installed inside his tiny two-seater case, you know - he wants to play music while he's flying around (I told you this movie is rather kooky)!!! During a gig at a Miami hotel...Bond gets in trouble again when he flirts with a lovely latin girl from Brazil, Belinha de Rezende (Dolores Del Rio). She is daughter to a Rio De Janeiro hotel owner whose hotel is being acquired unknowingly (in a hostile manner) by foreign interests. She is also the fiancee to a wealthy Brazilian, Julio Ribeiro (Raul Rulien) - who happens to be friends with Bond. It's Julio that has a gig lined up for Bond in Rio. Why Bond doesn't know Belinha is another of the film's imponderables - but no point in worrying about it - for the "love triangle" is established :p The other significant scene is the outrageous flying sequence with chorus girls strapped onto wings of airplanes. It's a scene that a Busby Berkeley could have choreographed if he was high on something. It's 1930's entertainment kitsch at it's best and most memorable...and I mean it in a good way. I also love looking at the art deco sets and 1930's fashion - which looks terrific on the actor and actresses. It's all photographed in that nostaglic looking light that makes everything sparkle in that 1930's sort of way. FLYING DOWN TO RIO was released during the pre-code era, so it gets away with some rather risque looking costumes (can you say "cleavage") and suggestive lines or three. Yep...I love this film. 9

Milo M (mx) wrote: I enjoyed all of it. A great science fiction movie, underrated by Hallmark Channel critics.

William W (kr) wrote: I was really pleasantly surprised by this Otto Preminger film starring Marilyn Monroe and Robert Mitchum. It was sad for me, when Marilyn's character tells the boy to talk to her in ten years and he'll understand what she means about men, as she would take her life just nine years after that film. Had the Hollywood ending been removed (of Mitchum and her ending up together), the finale of her sadly returning to the saloon and in a darker and more grave manner singing 'River of No Return', with the camera backing away, it would have sorrowfully mirrored her life. A recommended very unique film.

Stephen C (gb) wrote: Great classic Eastwood movie!