The Occupant

The Occupant

The Occupant is about a young woman (Sally Yeh) who is trying to write a book/thesis on chinese superstitions. So she arrives in HK and rents a really cheap apartment. In the meantime, she befriends Raymond Wong's shady salesman desperate for a little R&R and Chow Yun Fatt's cop. Well, her apartment is haunted by the spirit of a deceased singer, hence the cheap rent.

Angie (Sally Yeh), a college student from Canada, returns to her native Hong Kong to work on a Master's thesis focusing on the superstition. Her topic will get much-needed attention as the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Octavianti S (de) wrote: This is so good. The villains/heroes are so stupid and real that I can't bring myself to hate them. This movie left me with a feeling of pity for those almost-legit terrorists.

Denise A (br) wrote: A great charming film.

Jamie B (us) wrote: Truly nails the 50's-era-movie vibe, down to every tiny visual detail... and a compelling, multi-layered story to boot.

alan h (nl) wrote: i am loud, it doesn't mean i am impolite, sir!

Anthony V (br) wrote: King Kong gets the Godzilla treatment.

Simon V (gb) wrote: A very unsatisfying plot. Good shooting though.

Leighton T (de) wrote: An incredible early work from John Ford (who also had Stagecoach the same year) featuring one of the finest performances Henry Fonda ever had as an actor. I remember reading an article about Meryl Streep a couple of years ago that said she brought Julia Child to life in the way we hoped she might be, not as she really and truly was, and that this is what we want to see. From temperance, to physicality, to wry humor, to his strong ideology and kindness, Fonda embodies these heart and soul. This is the Abraham Lincoln we all hope existed. It's a beautiful performance and a wonderful tribute to the 16th President. The story itself could be labeled corny by today's standards, but so could Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. I don't feel either are. Though fictionalized, the film is earnest, compassionate, very much within the American way, American spirit of 1939. Straightforward was the way of film back then and though this is textbook, there's a beautiful art to how it weaves its 100 minutes. Ford's work here is simple, but matches the themes of the film; a subtle type of work that almost seems too crafty to catch, but when you do you can't help but notice his indelible mark. In a year where Hollywood was at its peak, this film only recieved one Oscar nomination - to me, this is a tribute to the kind of pictures that were in the second tier that year.

Ilja S (br) wrote: What a shitfest of a movie this is. Pure popcorn, with plots from Jurassic Park, The Beast from 20,000 Phatoms and Independence Day, all rehashed into one huge piece of crap that for no reason whats or ever is called Godzilla.

Mark S (au) wrote: Overlooked today in favor of its folk soundtrack, "O Brother" stands out among the Coen bros films that tell a deep story with important themes, yet don't take themselves too seriously. O Brother takes The Odyssey and transports it to Depression-era Mississippi, and it will be remembered for clever dialog that's fitting for the time period. The use of repetition will be amusing for many, but annoying to other moviegoers.

Scott B (de) wrote: Great movie! I actually wasn't sure what to expect but it ended up being excellent! The two issues - the house and the wife - complement each other well. James Cromwell does a great job in the role.