The Offence

The Offence

Johnson is a kind British police detective is obsessed by a child molestation case.Unfortunately, he kills the suspect in the interrogation which lead to an terrible consequence. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luke H (br) wrote: A missionary looks into solving some of the inner city problems whilst trying to avoid the advances of a highly sophisticated woman.

Rado L (au) wrote: Hollow and pretentious. It's tough to choose what to hate more: pace, the snob family, Tilda's snob acting, sex scenes where she is as attractive as a lizard, or the shallow lines. The ending saves it from total debacle, but it is still not very far. 2 hours gone to the abyss.

Eligijus D (de) wrote: mud, weak, talks talks only talks

Pecker (mx) wrote: Real decent for a low budget film. Nothing exceptional, but it was worth watching.

Jim H (br) wrote: Most films that explore sadomasochism do so in ways that can still be appealing and alluring to an audience comprised of people with relatively normal, well-adjusted ideas about sex and sexuality, but this is a notable exception. The sadomasochistic scenes in Downloading Nancy are fucking brutal, cringe-worthy, and unrelenting, and Bello and Patric are nakedly committed to "going there," living the realities of their characters.At its core, there is indeed little to this story, and we should be given some reason to hope for a different ending than what's inevitable. This lack of any true suspense is the film's major flaw. But by the same token, I think we go to independent movies to see a purposeful rejection of Hollywood's common narratives.Overall, this film is dark, disturbing, depressing, nihilistic, and courageous - the perfect date movie.

Marco A (it) wrote: Ironic. Was inspired by the editing style of the Tyson documentary, took a break and this was playing on the tube. George C. Scott is the perfect Cus D'Amato ! great casting and solid HBO movie.

Kari W (nl) wrote: My first Elvira film. She is so beautiful and funny as hell.

Simon D (ag) wrote: Not what it is cracked up to be. Very much a psychological horror with one or two scenes to make you raise an eyebrow but that's it. It's slow and dull, symptomatic of Jeremy Irons films.

Michael D (gb) wrote: Pretty good movie Robert Duvall is great as a crazy old cowboy with a wild hair. The young man was annoying a bit. Fun story

Shahraie A (it) wrote: #EarthtoEcho is like JJ Abram's #Super8 with a smaller cast and a friendly alien. The bad guys weren't convincing enough though(3.5/5Scales)

John M (de) wrote: A slightly slow first act is the only thing I can hold against this fine film. Abner is set up as the stalwart hero, but that unravels with every flashback. Lonzo is set up as the no-account interloper, but that unravels with every shot of him staring at failure creeping up on him or doing a good turn. Everyone in this is excellent, reserved and poignant and complicated. The scenery is idyllic, and it looks like a peaceful place to fight over and it must be hard for anyone to walk away from such a place or such a fight.