The Office Party

The Office Party

The misadventures of staff enjoying an office party.

About the traditional celebration at Christmas. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jacob P (ru) wrote: An ok horror film...the story is too dull and the suspense is weak. Skip it.

Ernst M (nl) wrote: I heard a lot about this movie as well and quality of the acting. Well they didn't lie, age has only made Peter O'Toole better. There's something about dirty old men that is inherently funny. The only thing that prevents me from liking it more is the innuendos from O'Toole to the young lady which unfortunately is the main premise of the movie.

Dan A (kr) wrote: Well-intentioned and entertaining story of the Hungarian revolution intertwined with the Hungarian Olympic water polo team, but marred by a weak Joe Eszterhas script filled with cliches and some real groaner lines. The romantic subplot is pretty poor. Most of the actors are way too pretty, but the acting is generally pretty good. The combat scenes looked very staged and Hollywood-ish and were in fact directed by prolific British stunt coordinator, Vic Armstrong. Has some very nice, classic cinematography at times. The water polo scenes were very well done. A bit disjointed and overlong.

Nirat R (nl) wrote: Cute movie... Rahul bose as his cute and adorable self.. and mallika sherawat is also surprisingly.. tolerable in this one!!

Dusty L (mx) wrote: 86% on my Tomatometer.

Nestor A (it) wrote: A not-too-bad movie about rebellious VA doctors fighting a broken system to try and treat those who served our country. Danny Elfman did the soundtrack, the cast was stacked, and it did a good job or walking the line between drama and comedy with serious parts and some good verbal sparring and comic relief scenes. There could have been more to it...especially the ending, but it was a solid use of 100 or so minutes.

Spookie M (nl) wrote: One of my favourites as a kid. This scared the hell out of me. Now it is a delightfully cheesy piece of trash! Tawny Kitaen sure looked 80's hot!

Byron B (us) wrote: nominated for best foreign film by NBR

Kelli C (ca) wrote: Don't listen to the reviews. If you consume cannabis, you'll enjoy this movie.

Allan C (kr) wrote: A group of teens decide to spend Halloween night in an old abandoned funeral home that's supposed to be haunted. Well, the building is haunted and the teens one by one become possessed by demons and kill each other off. All except for the one good girl of the group who is our heroine of the film. The acting and writing isn't all that great and the direction is a far cry from being anywhere as creative or inventive as Sam Raimi. However, the film does have some nice old school practical special effects, which I always think look better on screen than CGI special effects. Also, (SPOILER ALERT!) I'll give the film credit that the film's good girl heroine is aided by her black male teen friend, which bucks the usual trend of horror films of the 80s that typically killed off supporting minority characters early in the story, let along allow them to be heroes who save the day. Overall, this one isn't a classic, but it's worth watching for 80s horror nostalgia value. Scream Queen Linnea Quigley is the only major actress in the film.