The Old Dark House

The Old Dark House

Seeking shelter from a relentless rainstorm and landslides in a remote region of Wales, five travelers are admitted to a large foreboding old house that belongs to the extremely strange Femm family. Sepulchral Horace Femm and his obsessive, inhospitable sister Rebecca are the group's peculiar hosts. The house also holds surprises - and a brutish mute manservant named Morgan.

Seeking shelter from a storm, five travelers are in for a bizarre and terrifying night when the stumble upon the Femm family estate. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joshua F (es) wrote: Sweet, understated, at times inspirational. Dramatic irony.

Ritchik M (es) wrote: Very Interesting. Nothing and I mean nothing, on a sports field will ever look this scary.

Simon D (jp) wrote: Not a particularly original film but it's nice enough. An unusual role for Steve Carrel as a straight man who you're meant to dislike. Sam Rockwell is his usual self though. A bit of a feel good film really, especially if you are a spotty moody kid with family trouble little chance of pulling a decent bird.

Steven S (ru) wrote: A little too melodramatic and artsy but nonetheless conveys a strong message about nuclear weapons.

Tom M (br) wrote: Jonah Hex comes from good source material but neither the cast nor the people behind the camera can make him shine on the big screen.

Misty S (nl) wrote: Typical holiday movie. Santa is at the end of his reign and must find replacement. His replacement does not believe in him and is not the nicest person on earth. He must help her to believe. Typical but I still think it's a cute holiday movie.

Fitri A (kr) wrote: It has an interesting premise, but the idea of Awake is quite measly executed. The premise is not explored as well as it could have been, and Christensen's acting was flimsy at best.

Valerie S (fr) wrote: Not enough Kiefer - great coyote neon sign, though!

Mlissa A (br) wrote: Mon prefere des 2 films... De bons num (C)ros musicaux et des carambolages parfaits !

Michael W (gb) wrote: Group of friends attend a private showing of the neighbourhood wax museum where onlookers enter an alternate world when they cross over the barrier to the display. Liked the premise but never bought into the diversions of humour in the first half. Second half played more straight and improved as a result. Several classic horror characters are brought in for individual scenes, including the Mummy, the Werewolf,etc.

Tommy H (gb) wrote: Bullitt is a superhero movie where the hero doesn't have super powers or wear a fancy costume, but he does drive a badass car. Steve McQueen is so cool in this movie you don't care what's going on, you just want to see him act. You can't help but admire him and see him as an alpha male and a masculine role modal. McQueen has a manly persona that many action stars today would sell their souls to have. Not to say there's nothing here beyond the title character. He has a great script to support his talent and there's plenty short bursts of action to keep your attention. It's also known for having the greatest car chase. I would have to agree. The Bay area was a great place to film the scene, and I loved all the interior perspectives that felt just like the first person view in racing video games. And to top it all off it has one of the best soundtracks I've heard in any crime drama. Perfectly setting the mood.

mike r (ru) wrote: A great western with a great cast!

David K (mx) wrote: Its incredibly sentimental and plays on big emotions. But somehow it just doesnt work when you are forced to feel something every 5 minutes.. A mediocre Sports drama with some decent cinematography

Carl W (fr) wrote: For what it is I enjoyed it. Silly, outrageous and totally unbelievable but it works.